Resistance 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 2 – Wanted Man

  1. The death squad is defeated, and Capelli returns to the shelter to his wife and son. Susan informs him that Tommy Dean hasn’t checked in and tells him he needs to check it out.
  2. JOURNAL: As Capelli makes his way through the medical ward of the shelter, don’t miss the two journals that can be found in the area. The “Bite Protocol” journal sits on a desk at the foot of one of the patient’s beds. The other journal, a “Note to John Harper” rests near the chalkboard further into the ward.
  3. Continue up to the house to return to the surface and equip yourself with the magnum bullets and shrapnel grenades found along the way.
  4. Once Capelli is out of the house, he sees a dropship swoop down and unload a squad of Chimera onto the street ahead. You can remain on the second floor of the house and pick off the enemies from afar, or you can take the Chimera head on using the cars as cover.
  5. With those troops down, head across the street to the house there and go up to the left garage door. Press and hold Square to open the garage.
  6. JOURNAL: You find Tommy Dean hiding out in the house. This area is filled with health packs and ammo, including the “Leaper Bite” journal up the stairs. Take this opportunity to stock up on supplies—there are plenty more Chimeran death squads ahead.
  7. Tommy has something he wants you to see, so follow him out into a cornfield. Several Chimera are patrolling the area, but don’t seem to know your position. Get there attention with some quick fire, or crouch down (Circle button) and stealthily move in for some melee action.
  8. After clearing out the Chimera, move across the cornfield to Tommy’s position to see what the fuss is all about. A large terraformer is carving its way into the ground while more dropships fly overhead back to the shelter.

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