Resistance 3 Walkthrough

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Chapter 3 – Paradise Lost

  1. Capelli and Tommy must quickly return to the shelter before the Chimera overtake the base. There is no way Capelli can take on a force this large, so press down L3 to dash down the hills to the field below. Keep running, avoiding the Stalkers and that giant Goliath moving into the area, until you reach a house on the other side. Go through the collapsed roof to enter the house.
  2. Stock up on supplies while passing through the house and get ready to fight off some Steelheads in the back of the farmhouse. The Steelheads carry one of the Chimera’s more creative weaponry, the Auger. For the uninformed, Augers can shoot through walls, have an X-ray scope and its secondary supplies the user with a temporary shield.
  3. Barreling straight into a Steelhead with its shields up is suicide, so do everything you can to eliminate the Steelheads before it puts up it shields. If they do go up run around them to flank their positions or use an EMP grenade if you got any. Once you find an opening, tag the Steelhead with either magnum or the bullseye’s secondary fire to take them out. Don’t forget to equip Capelli with an Auger before moving on.
  4. As you get inside the barn, use that newly acquired Auger’s X-Ray scope to spot a Hybrid and take out the unsuspecting Chimera through the wall. After Tommy opens up the barn, move out to the bridge and pick off any enemies moving in under the bridge. The firefight heats up when a dropship unloads a couple of bombs onto the bridge, opening up a path through the creek.
  5. Follow Tommy as he runs through the dried up creek avoiding all the explosions to reach the abandoned saw mill on the other end.
  6. Go up the stairs into the saw mill ahead and load up on supplies before traveling through the complex.
  7. Of course, there are tons of Chimera stationed around the mill. The enemies are simply patrolling the area, so use the Auger to scout out the enemy groupings and move in for the kill.
  8. There are a couple of Hybrids making the rounds near the storage crates to the right and some are positioned on the stairway of the large mill on the right.
  9. You can choose to attack the Chimeran groups head on, using whatever cover you can find in the mill, or you can climb the ladder in the building on the left to take out the Hybrids from above. As you take out the first wave be prepared for the next wave to come in from another dropship.
  10. With the mill grounds clear, follow Tommy up the stairs leading to the main building. A lone Steelhead blocks your path into the building, flank his position or toss an EMP grenade to get him out of the way.
  11. Run through the main mill, taking out any Hybrids along the way, until Tommy leads Capelli to a metal sheet at the edge of the building.
  12. Pull free the metal sheet to reach the open field on the other side. There, the Haven forces are doing their best to defend the shelter. Move in from behind and take out the remaining Hybrids and and Steelheads and meet up with the rest of the survivors at the covered bridge.

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