Resistance 3 Walkthrough

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Chapter 5 – Wrightsburg

  1. Capelli reluctantly agrees to escort Professor Malikov to New York in hopes to stop the Chimeran menace once and for all. They begin their journey aboard a small motorboat.
  2. The boat is enough to make anyone claustrophobic, but you have to bear with this vessel for a awhile. Know the layout and you’ll make it to your destination unscathed. Open the box on the boat’s bow (front) for unlimited ammo and the small space in between the cabin of the boat has an unlimited health compartment. Return to any of those positions when you run low on supplies.
  3. JOURNAL: Two more journals are here on the boat. Pick up the “Ice Blocks” journal near the cabin on a box and grab the other “Change of Strategy” journal on the floor near the ship’s bow.
  4. Once Malikov steers the boat past a large thankfully deceased Kraken, the good doctor hands Capelli some new arsenal, the Rossmore shotgun. After practicing firing the bad boy on some highly explosive plant bulbs, the boat continues along its route.
  5. Clear out the ice that stops the boat and the small ship starts to travel along a submerged main street. Alerted by the boats presence, Grims start to pour out of the buildings and attack Capelli and crew.
  6. Constantly move from bow to stern, taking out any Grims that try to board the vessel. Keep the shotgun and the bulleye handy—the rossmore is perfect for boarders and the bullseye is great for the midrange foes. Continue to circle the boat and replenish supplies when near one of the boxes.
  7. Several Grims camp out on the roofs and cast stones down upon Capelli and crew. You can take them out, but don’t forget about the Grims near and on the boat.
  8. There are plenty of explosive bulbs attached to some of the buildings. Aim for the yellow hue and clear out more Grims with the explosions.
  9. Several large blocks of ice halt the boat’s route. Also several Grims take advantage of the unmoving boat and simultaneously jump in. Switch to the Marksman and drop off some turrets near the stern to hold them off while you work on the ice.
  10. The open water “safety” is short lived, as a group of Shock Drones fly at the boat to attack its occupants. The first wave of drones come flying in from the bow, so take cover near stern and keep the cabin in between you and the enemy. After you pick off the first wave, another group of drones swoops in from the rear.
  11. Malikov stops the boat and Capelli stands in awe of the mechanical juggernaut. Once the thing is right next to the boat, watch out for more drones to come in to make you forcibly close that dropped jaw.
  12. TROPHY: After you pass the Goliath, scan the roofs of the buildings ahead for a Santa and reindeer decoration. Shoot Old St. Nick down by shooting the yellow exploding bulbs and earn one of the only level specific trohpies: Slaybells.
  13. That Goliath must have noticed your little boat earlier. The four-legged behemoth returns chasing down the boat and raining down missile fire. Even worse, more drones and those annoying high flying Longlegs join the party too.
  14. Lay down some turrets to help you take out the drones, and tag some Longlegs with the bullseye. Maintain your health and ammo during the brunt of the battle to survive.
  15. Destroy the ice that stops the boat again and hold off the drones and Longlegs while the boat picks up more speed.
  16. Capelli and company think they escaped the Goliath and are surprised to run into three of them. The terrible trio brings down the boat, leaving the professor and “movie star” Capelli in St. Loius.

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