Resistance: Burning Skies Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Military Ocean Terminal: Part 1

  1. After the lengthy cutscene, head down the long flight of stairs and through the door to the outside.
  2. Observe the Augur vision tutorial. You’ll have a chance to test out this method of seeing through solid objects to target enemies.
  3. Keep up your shield as you proceed through the hallway.
  4. Move past the platform with the small set of stairs. The next opening is located in the upper right corner of this room.
  5. Head across the ledge and aim to the part of the ledge on the opposite side of the room to take out the enemies on that side. At the end of the ledge, head down the stairs and climb up the next ledge that looks similar to the one you just walked.
  6. Once you hit the outside you will be bombarded with gunfire. Immediately duck behind the gray ish crates and take out the enemies while taking cover. You will complete the Assist Ellie objective once you clear these enemies.
  7. Approach the orange box and mess with the lever for a cutscene and to complete the Lift Crane objective.
  8. Head into the hallway directly underneath where the plane crashed in the cutscene into another quick cutscene with Ellie once you hit the outside. This will complete the Find Ellie objective.
  9. Approach the armed man standing next to the doors with the exit signs. This will unlock the next objective of fighting Magazine Fire.
  10. Head inside the room, loop around the corner and head downstairs. Take out the zombies and proceed left and through the opening in the brick wall.
  11. Once you go down the next set of stairs and find yourself outside again, you will need to take cover by ducking behind the crates (or anything elevated that you find). Not only do you have to take cover in this sequence, but you need to constantly stay moving as you are ducking in order to avoid being hit.

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