Resistance: Burning Skies Walkthrough

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George Washington Bridge

  1. Enjoy the opening cutscene and pay attention to the context in which the story turns. Looks like there is a chimera invasion from New Jersey to New York.
  2. Your task here when you drop in is to rescue whatever survivors you can before the bridge collapses.
  3. Once you have control of your character, zoom in straight ahead of you in order to take out the first few enemies. They are trying to stay hidden and out of sight.. but not from this walkthrough!
  4. Once you move ahead, target the hostiles in the area beneath the arch and use your crossbow to get to them.
  5. The carbine is the best weapon in this level for up close combat so re equip it after you take out the enemies beneath the arch.
  6. Once your new objective becomes to find an alternate route, sneak along the edge of the elevated ledge, duck beneath the part that is slightly more elevated on the edge for cover, and zoom in and aim at the enemies around the corner.
  7. In this same area, there will be hostiles shooting at you from the balcony above. Look up to locate them.
  8. The alternate route has been found. Your next task is going to be to defend VTOL.
  9. In order to dispose of the enemies in this level, you will absolutely have to use both the high cover and the low cover. The layout of the bridge is straightforward, and you are always able to use your map as a reference. This area is much more about tactics then it is about finding your way around.
  10. Drag the icon of your grenade onto the screen to take out the larger groups of enemies all at once.
  11. Head up to the trap door in the upper right hand corner. After taking care of the enemy that comes through it, go underneath it and into the maintenance tunnel.
  12. Head down the path and to the left until the end and take cover behind the wall once you are outside again to avoid taking too much damage.
  13. If you see the enemies in the larger groups, feel free to place an explosive tag on one of them so that they take out an entire group when they go off.
  14. The chimera will constantly be shooting you. Be sure to keep moving from cover to cover to stay safe as you are taking out the smaller enemies around you. This level is certainly more fast paced than the previous so stay sharp.

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