Resogun: How to Get 15x Multiplier – (10+1.5+3.5) Trophy Guide

Go for a maddening high multiplier in Resogun with a few tips from the trophy guide below.

Resogun already has a reputation for its punishingly high difficulty, so instead of languishing with a tepid, embarrassingly small multiplier we’ve devised a few methods for kicking those wimpy numbers into the stratosphere. Check out all the tricks below.

Just don’t bother going for this one until you’ve got some serious experience under the hood. It won’t be easy, even for veterans.

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How to Get 15x Multiplier – The Basics


For each enemy destroyed, the score multiplier increases by .01x and will reset to 1.00x once the time-limit is up. As long as you perform actions (shooting enemies, catching humans) the multiplier will continue.

The higher the difficulty, the less time you’ll have before the multiplier resets. The 15x/20x multiplier maximum is only available in Veteran/Master modes, respectively.

We recommend playing Decima on Veteran, with the Nemesis ship. Take advantage of its homing missiles and boost ability to avoid taking hits while instantly destroying tougher enemies.

Methods to Keep a Multiplier Combo

  1. Shoot an enemy.
  2. Boosting through enemies.
  3. Bombing an enemy – any hit landed.
  4. Picking up a Human
  5. Placing a Human on the escape ship.

Do not shoot, boost, or perform any actions at the start of a wave. During a boss fight or at the start of a wave, your multiplier display on the HUD will glow blue — indicating that it will not reset.

15x Multiplier Strategy

Note: This trophy can also be earned on Level 1: Phobos. End the level with a high multiplier (13x-14x) and complete the trophy on the next stage.

  • Level: Decima
  • Difficulty: Veteran
  • Ship: Nemesis

Play with one singular focus — keeping the multiplier alive. Don’t clear the area of enemies too quickly, you’ll always need something to shoot to keep your meter going. Leave some enemies on the screen until the next wave appears.

Save your bombs for Phase 2 and Phase 3, and save Overdrive to use against the boss’ third copy. Completely clear out the minion cubes until just one tiny grey box remains.

When boss spawns a third copy of itself, you’ll know it will when it begins to flash red, use Overdrive. If you don’t have 15x Multiplier yet, continue on to the next level to finish.

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