Ridge Racer 3D (3DS) Review

Of the six 3DS games I’ve played in the past few days, only one of them really grabbed me from the start. That game is Ridge Racer 3D. The opening cinematic looks fantastic on the 3D screen, and I was ready. I hadn’t played a Ridge Racer game in years, but I was excited. That excitement was validated once I actually started racing; this was a game that actually felt enhanced by the 3D, because it’s one thing to play an absurdly fast-paced racing game on a portable, and it’s another thing entirely to play a fast-paced racing game on a portable IN 3D. (I haven’t played Asphalt 3D, to be fair.)

Ridge Racer 3D is an all-around excellent experience, and so much of it is due to the 3D. Ridge Racer was always a pretty fun franchise — albeit on that doesn’t stand out in the age of Burnout — but the 3D really does take it to another level. With everything moving so quickly while you grind the hell out of some corners while confetti flies out of the screen, you’d think it would be a nauseating experience, but it totally isn’t. And it’s an arcade experience through and through, being all about speed and not at all about real-world physics, and so the learning curve is pretty much nonexistent. It’s just a lot of fun.

Ridge Racer 3D (3DS [Reviewed])
Developer: Namco Bandai
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Release Date: March 27, 2011
MSRP: $39.99

In bite-sized pieces, at least. The full Ridge Racer 3D experience is a limited one. There are just a handful of locations, and while there are a hell of a lot of races taking place on those locations, most of them make use of slight variations on a few courses. That means that during the campaign — the Grand Prix — you might do a hundred races, but you’ll only end up seeing about four tracks over and over again.

That fact forces you to face Ridge Racer 3D with a very mobile mindset, which is to say it won’t be the kind of game you bury yourself in for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time, or about three or four 3-minute races. The problem with that, unfortunately, is that the game doesn’t exactly carry a mobile price, coming in at a robust $39.99. I’m finding it hard to specifically fault Ridge Racer for this, being that it’s a problem with a number of games on the system.

Aside from normal races, the game has time attack, and this mode integrates StreetPass; it’ll actually collect time attack ghost data from other users that you can race against. Speaking of racing against people; multiplayer is present, but it’s local only, and it does not support download play, all of which means you aren’t going to be playing multiplayer much. That’s based on my own circumstance, thought, being that I don’t know anyone who lives near me who has this game. And even if I did, whoever it is probably wouldn’t be somebody I’d actually want to interact with in person. But, then again, I hate everyone, so your experience may vary.

In the end, Ridge Racer 3D is a game I really enjoy playing in small bursts, and it’s as good a showcase for 3D as any other 3DS launch title. It’s a perfectly good title to pick up with a new 3DS, but you’d batter make sure you get another game, too.


Super fast fun arcade action!

Excellent 3D

StreetPass ghosts


Not enough tracks

I don’t have anybody to play multiplayer with :(

Final score: 80/100

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