RIFT Summer Updates and What’s Next

In the forum for the full details, here are some highlights.

A second World Event, Waves of Madness, is underway. Improvements since the first World Event include:

  • More discrete phases that last longer
  • The ability to get caught up with the story by visiting Hammerknell and interacting with the local NPCs there. You no longer have to be present the instant the phases change over to see the vignettes play out.
  • Quests that change with the advancement of the event’s phases.
  • The ability to pass rewards and currency between your characters.

Trion is adding the concept of PvP Rifts, which players can try out on the Public Test Shard in the near future. PvP Rifts create a competitive objective in an area of the world that’s very rewarding to participate in. The goal is to create places where there’s guaranteed to be intense, focused PvP activity.

A new type of gameplay is in the works, called Instant Adventure. The goal is to deliver on a similar dynamic to the hectic fun of zone events, while making that kind of fun more available when you want it, by giving people an accessible way to build up to it.

New Chronicles of Telara instances are solo/small group instances that get everyone involved with key characters and villains in the worlds’ ongoing story.

Trion has also been working on new post-50 uses for experience and will include a continuing reward mechanic for further progression, without making it a mandatory grind.

General improvements that are either already live or in progress:

  • Tuning zone flows, density, and respawns through key areas in the world beginning with Freemarch and Silverwood, all the way through Iron Pine Peak, to improve fun, preserve challenge, and reduce needless frustration.
  • In an upcoming update, we’ll be significantly improving the clarity of how new souls are granted to make this key aspect of the game a lot more smooth when people join up. (We’ve all seen or answered the questions in global chat – And I’m sure many of us have had to explain Roles vs. Souls to a confused friend or two also.)
  • We evaluated (and removed) the Exposed mechanic.
  • Ensuring that more people get to participate in the unique fun that is RIFT’s invasions, zone events, and their colossi.
  • Even further improving zone event bosses’ ability to provide the appropriate challenge for a much wider range of zone populations — larger and smaller.
  • Many of our zone event Colossi are balanced well, but a handful have special abilities that aren’t clear enough, or could come up with near instant-death combos. Those are all being updated.
  • We’ve also been targeting frequently-feedbacked areas for visual upgrades. Overall quality is high, but the appearance and diversity could benefit from improvement (Scarwood Reach – We’re looking at you here.)
  • An improved default swimming camera is already live, and there’s a little less swimming required right off the bat.
  • Crafting and other non-combat activities such as Artifacts are a frequent place that we hear feedback as well. We’ve made some improvements here, and have even more in the plans for the coming months.
  • We’ll be removing the “mystery failures” around the system of crafting Augmentation. We see that many people do use the Augmentation system a lot, but the act of gambling the augment itself induces quite a bit of rage when it doesn’t work out. We’ll be keeping the good parts of the system while removing the rage. (Either you’ll be skilled enough to use the augment, or not.)
  • Also around crafting, look for more high-end, powerful recipes to make their debut in a coming update.
  • Taking non-combat activities even further is the idea of secondary skills for all. We’re also big fans of adding to the “worldiness” of the world, and new skills definitely enhance that. We’ll be evaluating people’s thoughts for these as we firm up our plans here over the coming months.

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