Riot Apologizes for League of Legends Tournament Woes

Riot Games has addressed issues with this past weekend’s $2 million League of Legends tournament, notably the allegations of cheating and disconnect issues.

Keen-eyed tournament viewers spotted participants looking at their competitors minimaps’ on the large screen, granting them a tactical advantage equivalent to watching what your friend is doing when playing a console game on splitscreen mode. Riot has admitted that making this kind of cheating possible was a mistake.

VP of eSports Dustin Beck said:

“We’re trying to deliver an extraordinary experience for viewers, and yesterday didn’t live up to our goals. In hindsight, the potential visibility of minimap screens for players was a mistake.”

As for the matches that suffered disconnect issues, Riot has rescheduled them, and as an apology for the inconvenience to viewers, Riot is granting all players double influence points for 24 hours following the finals match on October 13th.

via Massively

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3 Comments on Riot Apologizes for League of Legends Tournament Woes


On October 8, 2012 at 4:21 pm

Hard to believe that tournament was worth 2 million dollars. As far as I could tell, the ing thing was held in a parking lot that you could rent out for probably like 600 bucks a day. There was no sound proof booths at all, the commentators as far as I know had to watch the players screens in order to commentate it, and the the ing minimaps and scoreboards were BEHIND the players when they were playing, which makes cheating literally as easy as turning your head too much.

I even heard there was a “rule” where you weren’t allowed to move your head past your monitor at any angle, and you had to look forward the ENTIRE TIME because of the lack of a proper e-sport setup.

There was no merchandise shops either, and also I heard that most people got back their money for their ticks after the event.

THAT was worth 2 million dollars? I could host a better ing tournament at a LAN party then these RIOT s could. Whoever is in charge of “E-Sports” (lol e-sports for such a casual ing game), should be ashamed. Your game is already casual and for any sort of professional play, and now you it up even harder by pulling this .

“HUR DUR WE’VE REVIEWED THE TAPES AND WE CAN’T SEE ANY SIGNS OF CHEATING”, nice cover up gots, you knew your game was dying to DotA2 when you tried to pull that about exclusivity contracts and then brushed it off as “rumors” which you never actually even ing denied.

I can’t believe people play this -wreck.


On October 8, 2012 at 4:24 pm

Also, I would like to apologize for anyone reading what I just wrote, gamefront murdered the entire thing by taking out the F-words and the S-words. Use your imagination and try and fill in the blanks.


On October 9, 2012 at 3:57 am

I for one don’t think LoL will get murdered by DotA 2, I think LoL is the better game out of the two at the minute as far as entertainment value goes.

Which is why I find it really frustrating watching Riot messing up their own events. The potential is huge and the game is clearly popular. Why they went ahead with that set-up despite the ample funds available to them is beyond comprehension.

The “this is all new and we are learning” excuse can only go so far if e-sports is to grow into something serious.

I really hope they take the cheating allegations seriously though, so far they seem to dismiss it despite all the evidence people have found.