Rise of Immortals Community Exclusive Q&A

Petroglyph, the developer ofRise of Immortals, has been answering questions posed by its community members in an ongoing community exclusive interview. Thanks to Petroglyph’s open-mindedness to feedback, the Rise of Immortals community has already played a significant role in shaping the future of the game, and this ongoing Q&A continues the developer’s trend of addressing player concerns.

Visit the forums to join ask your questions, or read the current interview, below.

How is Rol different compared to other MOBA Games?

Petroglyph: Rise of Immortals can be described as a MOBA game with added features that build upon the core PvP team experience. There is the hub where you can gather with other players to organize battles and discuss strategies, persistence on the Immortal with balanced matchmaking, PvE scenarios, amongst other features still in development.

How many “dungeons” are you currently planning on creating?

Petroglyph: We’re planning on two PvE instanced maps at launch; one for up to 3vE and another up to 5vE. PvP is currently our primary focus in our closed beta phase with PvE becoming more important after we ensure the core experience is solid first.

Is this game server/client based or peer2peer?

Petroglyph: The game is fully client-server based and runs on custom servers hosted by Petroglyph. This means more consistent network and general game performance for all players.

The press release said 12 Immortals… is that it?

Petroglyph: Certainly not, we’re not stopping at release. The first step in the beta process is to get the current set of Immortals balanced. We’re taking this step very seriously by gathering every bit of information internally and from the community on each Immortal. In a MOBA game, this process cannot be emphasized enough to ensure a fun and balanced gameplay experience.

We’ll start with twelve at launch with more appearing regularly afterward. Internally we actually have several more Immortals than the first twelve, all of which are in various development stages.

Will you have banning system for trolls and leavers?

Petroglyph: What game wouldn’t be complete without the standard ban hammer?! I can say that we’re taking a close look at what the community would want to see enforced. There will be controls on our end to discourage any in-game trolling or abuse, and reporting tools for the community to let us know when an event occurs.

What I really want to know is will you be looking at people’s champion suggestions and incorporating them into the game. I know LoL had quite a lot of reasonable suggestion but Riot decided to ignore them.

Petroglyph: We watch everything in the forums. We plan to introduce new Immortals on a regular basis, and are definitely open to feedback on Immortal ideas from the community. It would be great to include any of your Immortals in the game. Perhaps we’ll have a contest or two for this.

Do you already have ideas for a friend system, and/or guild/clan system?

Petroglyph: There is currently a friend system already in place, and we do plan to offer guild support. That said, we are looking at modifying the friend system since it is currently centered around the Immortal and we want to offer a more account-wide view of your friends.

What type of match making system will you be utilizing for your PVP?

Petroglyph: The matching system uses a combination of ELO and persistent level banding. These stats are tracked per Immortal, so for ranked games we’ll have a much better idea of a particular Immortal’s actual skill level when compared to account based ranking systems.

Are these slots going to be purchasable with prestige earned from playing?

Petroglyph: We do have a Prestige Point (which is our earned currency) system and the plan is to make persistent items generally available in either Petroglyph Coins (which is our RMT or real money based currency) or Prestige Points; however, plans are not yet finalized for exactly how that pertains to “slots”.

Can there only be one of each hero in the game? Or is it one of that particular hero per team?

Petroglyph: We’re balancing the game to one Immortal type per team (rather than per game); however, the community will help determine this (as well as other balance related topics). We will most likely allow non-ranked games to have any combination of Immortals as these are just for fun. In any case, it will be flexible as we can possibly make it.

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