Rise of the Triad (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • In the Thick of It
  • Burned and Amazed
  • Too Much Room
  • Spring Surprise
  • General Darian’s Lair
  • Into the Castle
  • The Room
  • Spiraling In
  • Four Way Chamber
  • Sebastian Doyle Krist
  • Robotricks
  • Down and Over
  • Dead In 5 Seconds
  • Clear and Present Dangers
  • Know Thine Nme
  • Monky Business
  • Fire and Brimstone
  • Backfire
  • Circles of Fire
  • El Oscuro
  • Dead in 5 Seconds

    1. Exit the elevator into the hallway. Wen you get close a lava waterfall will come down. Move back, wait for it to go away, then continue forward. Make a left through the red triad door.
    2. Shoot the guard in the room, then head for the garage. Eliminate the enemies. Crouch under the truck to gain access to a secret area with a staff, then take the stairs up back to the garage.
    3. Move through the yellow metal door and use that stick. Exit through the other side, then hang a left at the hallway. Keep moving through the rooms and hallways as you pass by more metal doors. To the left is an open vent, drop down, grab coins, then exit to find more enemies.
    4. Enter the yellow sliding door to access the “Blast Pitt”. Make your way past the windows and say hello to Mr. Robot. Grab the coins by the panels, then head up through the sliding door. Make your way around as you take out another robot.
    5. Enter the sliding door until you reach a room with a panel on it. Flip the switch, then head back out to the room with the circular barrier. Head to the room opposite of the one you just came from. Head down the stairs near the red light by the door. Head all the way down to grab coins, then head up.
    6. The next room contains fireballs and spinning blades. Look down to find a vent on the side of the wall. You’ll now be entering “Get Vent”. Move past the blades when you exit, the head down the stairs. The room ahead is in rubble. Move past the fireballs to climb the stairway.
    7. Climb the boxes in the next room to move through a vent. Drop down as you kill more bad guys. The blades here will be on tracks, so move carefully. Enter the metal doors to grab the row of coins, while avoiding the fireballs as you run down the hallway.
    8. Head down one level until you reach a lake of lava. Use the hover discs to make your way across, then head into the hallway on the right as more robots are turned into scrap metal.
    9. Enter the room, then crouch into the vent ahead. Drop down into “The Floor is Lava”. Jump on the tables then aim for the hallway past the pouring lava. Follow the hallway down until you reach another circular room with a metal barrier.
    10. Enter the room with the robot in it, then push through to grab the silver key. Exit the room, then follow the path around the barrier. Enter the metal door. Look out the window to see a majestic view of the lava, then enter the door into the cave.

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