Rise of the Triad (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • In the Thick of It
  • Burned and Amazed
  • Too Much Room
  • Spring Surprise
  • General Darian’s Lair
  • Into the Castle
  • The Room
  • Spiraling In
  • Four Way Chamber
  • Sebastian Doyle Krist
  • Robotricks
  • Down and Over
  • Dead In 5 Seconds
  • Clear and Present Dangers
  • Know Thine Nme
  • Monky Business
  • Fire and Brimstone
  • Backfire
  • Circles of Fire
  • El Oscuro
  • Fire and Brimstone

    1. Hang a left by the hallway. Take the hover discs up on the right side wall. Jump on top of the moving hover disc to grab more coins, then exit the hallway. You’ll enter an area with a burning fire up ahead. Move past it and blow some monks up.
    2. Jump through the stained glass window on the right side before the burning fire to enter a secret area. Head back down the hallway, then take a right through the wooden doors on the right.
    3. When you head toward the podium, the floor will crumble underneath. Get ready to fight more monks. Make your way underground to the hover disc elevator. Grab the wand when you reach the top, then eliminate the remaining foes in the area.
    4. The gap that crumbled will form a bridge for you to get across. From the bridge make a right, then head up the stairs. A wall will slide down revealing more enemies. Pull the lever in the room, then exit back out the way you came. You’ll enter a courtyard with a hover disc bridge spanning the gap. The section is named “Stupid Dog Tricks”.
    5. Follow the bridge to the dog power up, then use it to jack up more monks. Use this ability to enter a room with barrels. There’s a gap through the wall that leads to a circle of candles. Grab the wings in the room, then pull the lever. Fly over the gate to grab the gold key.
    6. Enter the wooden door on the level of the grassy field marked gold. Continue up the stairway, head through a wooden door, past the spinning blades on tracks. Take out the monks in the vicinity especially the ones high above.
    7. Take the stairs up, past the stained glass windows. Enter the door to reach a room with spinning blades on the ceiling. Time your bounce pad jump to reach the platform. Cross the bridge, hang a left, cross another bridge, then grab the silver key.
    8. Drop down from the window using the wooden planks. Soldiers will emerge from a door. Take them out, then head inside “Funky Monks”. The middle of the stairs will collapse. Drop down and follow the hallway. Make a left into a room with a lone crystal in the middle.
    9. Enter the hallway with the fireballs that come at you. Jump over them, then when you reach the end, grab the bronze key. A vent will open. Drop down and eliminate the baddies in the room. Follow the stream of water down, take a left at the shrine, the take the elevator up.
    10. You’ll be back in the room where the lone crystal in the middle was. Take the stairs up to open the bronze door. Blow up the monks in the area, then open the door under the triad symbol. Drop down the small bridge by the stained glass. Grab the wand.
    11. Move through the hallway with the crystals on the sides named “Based God Mode”. Drop down to the next area, then immediately turn around to grab God Mode. Obliterate the enemies here, then pull the levers in each corner of the room. Head inside for more caves.

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