Rise of the Triad (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • In the Thick of It
  • Burned and Amazed
  • Too Much Room
  • Spring Surprise
  • General Darian’s Lair
  • Into the Castle
  • The Room
  • Spiraling In
  • Four Way Chamber
  • Sebastian Doyle Krist
  • Robotricks
  • Down and Over
  • Dead In 5 Seconds
  • Clear and Present Dangers
  • Know Thine Nme
  • Monky Business
  • Fire and Brimstone
  • Backfire
  • Circles of Fire
  • El Oscuro
  • Backfire

    1. Walk forward at a brisk pace. Head left and down onto a rocky platform next to the lava. Access the secret area, then take the hover disc back up. Grab God Mode by the green eyes, then push through, destroying any monks you see. Head inside the stone doors on the right to take out more baddies.
    2. Head through the green door and flip the switch all the way on the end. Turn around, turn slight left, then take out more monks as they push through the green eyed door on the left and right side. Head through the door on the left side into a cave named “Crystal Caves”.
    3. Take out the swarm of monks in the area as you push through. Move past the spinning blades and head right. Be careful of the flames that rise up. Head down the stairway, move past the wall of flames, then head up another set of stairs.
    4. Move through the doorway into the next. You’ll be moving through a rocky cave again. Eliminate the monks, then head into a much roomier cave area with a gap connected by a hover disc bridge. Cross the bridge to grab more weapons, then head back to climb the hover disc stairway.
    5. You’ll now be entering “A Boulder Vision”. Climb the stairway up, blowing up monks and collecting medium coins as you go along. Enter through the open door, then hang a right as you follow the coins down the hallway. Drop down into a secret area. Grab the wand, then push through the hallway.
    6. You’ll encounter walls that move up and down. Time your way through without getting crushed. Take the elevator up, then pick up the gold key. Drop down, fight more monks, then head right through the stone doorway. Search the open rooms, then cross the wooden bridge.
    7. Shoot two yellow robed monks. The floor will collapse underneath you.

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