Rise of the Triad (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • In the Thick of It
  • Burned and Amazed
  • Too Much Room
  • Spring Surprise
  • General Darian’s Lair
  • Into the Castle
  • The Room
  • Spiraling In
  • Four Way Chamber
  • Sebastian Doyle Krist
  • Robotricks
  • Down and Over
  • Dead In 5 Seconds
  • Clear and Present Dangers
  • Know Thine Nme
  • Monky Business
  • Fire and Brimstone
  • Backfire
  • Circles of Fire
  • El Oscuro
  • General Darian’s Lair

    1. Jump down the chute, then head for the spinning red warning light. Follow the hallway, then flip the switch between the lockers on the right side. Head back to the part of the hallway with the red light spinning. A room will be opened. Grab a coin and a fancy new gun.
    2. Continue down the hallway. Deviate a bit, then take the stairs up into the room with the window to grab bullet armor. Make a right past the hallway with another spinning red light. Head up the stairs to grab more armor, then drop down to enter the doors.
    3. It’s pretty much an arena in here as enemies spawn from the sliding doors. Use your new found gun to lay down some fire. The doors on the right where some of the enemies spawn will be filled with health and guns. Use this room as a choke point.
    4. Once the flames start appearing in front of the doors, head out to fight Darian. He’ll be up above on a crane. There will also be a blue barrier that you’ll need to jump over as you fire up at the crane. Keep firing until his health goes down, then enter the room once again.
    5. You’ll notice that spikes will come up from the ground. When those go away, fireballs will move across the room and Darian can now fire rockets. Duck in and out of the room as you fire upon the crane to chip away at the second health bar. Once it’s down, Darian will crash and crawl out.
    6. From here, strafe around him and keep firing as his health chips away. If you need to duck inside the rooms to grab more health, do so, then continue firing. Soon, Darian will run into a little malfunction, giving you an advantage.

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