Rise of the Triad (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • In the Thick of It
  • Burned and Amazed
  • Too Much Room
  • Spring Surprise
  • General Darian’s Lair
  • Into the Castle
  • The Room
  • Spiraling In
  • Four Way Chamber
  • Sebastian Doyle Krist
  • Robotricks
  • Down and Over
  • Dead In 5 Seconds
  • Clear and Present Dangers
  • Know Thine Nme
  • Monky Business
  • Fire and Brimstone
  • Backfire
  • Circles of Fire
  • El Oscuro
  • Into the Castle

    1. Before moving through the arch-way inside the castle, look to your left, up the stairs, to grab a rocket launcher. Once outside, the game looks a little bit more colorful. Use the rocket launcher, taking out baddies as you pass by the stone triad decoration.
    2. Head toward the right as you pass by under the wooden beams. Enter the room after you pass by the staircase to grab a dog power-up, which turns you into a, well, a dog. Head back out to use your new found ability. Take the stairs up past the stone triad symbol. Keep moving up the stairs and you’ll see pathway aligned with pillars.
    3. Take out the enemies halting your progress on the pathway, then make a left along the path at the top of the stairs. Enter the first room on the right, then flip the switch on the panel.
    4. When you exit the room, look to the right. You’ll see pillars next to some trees. Jump on the tops of these pillars. It will lead you to a medium secret area.
    5. Move down the path, grab the coins on the canopy on the right, then make a left before the tower ahead.
    6. Eliminate more enemies, then move up the long stair case. When you reach the top, look right into a tower you can jump into. There are coins inside as well as a weapon. Across from the tower where you just got the weapon is a room with a switch to flip.
    7. Head to the opposite room along the walkway with the barrels to flip another switch. Move up the stairway. You’ll reach a section called “Wall to Wall. Head right and use the bounce pad to get on the second floor. Neutralize more enemies. Enter the room on the right to find a room full of coins.
    8. Make your rounds around the second floor. Grab the weapon if you need to. Now face the courtyard on the bottom positioning yourself to where the weapon was. Head right to the gated door. You’ll enter an area with a lot of plants. Destroy the room, grab the coins on top of the wooden beams, then take the gold key on top of the well.
    9. Now head back inside. Stay on the first floor to open the gold door. Grab the coins in the next room that looks like a wine cellar without the wine. When you head up, the doors will bust open. You’ll have to deal with Big John. Use the sides of the room for cover and lay fire on him.
    10. Enter the room where Big John came out from, then take the stairs on the left past the fire. Explore the room by jumping onto the second floor to grab coins. You’ll find a big secret area here with medium coins by the rubble. When you’re done head back up the stairs through the metal doors. You’ll see a tree down below.
    11. Move along the perimeter the grab coins before jumping down and grabbing the baseball bat. Once you grab it, a slew of enemies will spawn. Take them out with the bat, then use your weapons when the bat goes away.
    12. Past the tree, enter the room with the wooden platform up above. It will lead you to a room with wooden pillars. This room spews fireballs. Stay along the right side wall, then open the door. Follow the room into the next one that houses the silver key.
    13. Move ahead through the metal door, grab the gun, then crouch through the hole in the wall. Get the coins inside this medium secret area. Head back out to the fireball room, then open the silver door next to the banners.
    14. Follow the corridor, then avoid the spikes that come down from the ceiling. From here you can go straight left or right. Head straight. Grab the coins as the spinning blades whirl by, then open the door.
    15. You’ll enter a room with coins placed on top of the chandeliers above. Eliminate the foes in the room, then head up the staircase. When you reach the second floor, make things easier, by blowing up more baddies.
    16. There’s a room next to the top of the stairs. Enter it, shoot the barrels, then crouch underneath the hole to explore a retro area with coins. Head back out the grab the rest of the coins in the room.
    17. Once you have them all, move past the room with the dead body in it, then follow the corridor. Eliminate more baddies as you push forward. Soon, you’ll reach the exit.

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