Rise of the Triad Dev Console Commands Guide

Much like other games powered by the Unreal engine, Rise of the Triad comes with a dev console that allows users to alter and customize the game as they see fit. While most of the game’s options are available in its “Advanced” menu, the dev console allows access to a few more hidden options as well as the game’s console-enabled cheat codes.


Enabling the Console

Accessible by pressing the tilde key (~) or TAB key, the dev console allows you to input commands and change the way the game looks and performs. It also allows you to enable the game’s various cheats. While many of the following options are readily available in the game’s graphical options menu.

Cheat Codes
Type dipstick to enable cheats.

Warning: Keep in mind that cheating can likely cause unexpected things to occur in the game. It will also disable your score and achievements for the level.

Enables invincibility. You’ll never die. Bullets don’t affect you. Not even cupid’s arrows can penetrate your heart. (disclaimer: Cupid and his arrows are not actually in the game)

Allows you to fly. Doesn’t turn you into Jeff Goldblum, thankfully. An alternative to Mercury mode.

If you get tired of flying, you can walk. Plant your feet firmly back on the ground.

Enables godmode, infinite ammunition, and the excalibat. It’s the be-all, end-all of cheats.

Infinite ammunition. Shoot everything to your heart’s content and never run out of bullets. A must if you just want to mess around in the game.

Gives you bulletproof armor. Doesn’t matter much if you’re using godmode.

Gives you asbestos armor so that you take less damage from fire. Once again, it matters little if you’re using godmode.

Summons a bazooka for killing bad guys. It’s nice and simple.

Puts a Heat-seeker in your hands. Track those bad guys down. Keep in mind that the rockets will attempt to track targets through obstructions, so be sure to line up your target before pulling the trigger. Doesn’t work well in closed corridors.

Fire and forget. Gives you the Drunk Missile launcher a.k.a. the rocket chaingun. Turn your enemies into mince-meat.

Summons the Split Missile. Because two rockets are better than one.

Summons the Flamewall launcher. Burn all your enemies and spread their ashes across the map.

The developers call this the “Lamest Cheatcode Ever”. We disagree. It summons the firebomb launcher.

Places the Dark Staff in your hands so you can zap your enemies into oblivion.

Pulls the Excalibat out of thin air so you can hit home runs with the skulls of your enemies. Knock ‘em out of the ballpark.

Who’s a good boy? You are! You’re a good boy. Turns you into a dog. A deadly dog. Make short work of your enemies with your primary attack, or let loose a deadly howl that will kill everything within a radius with your alt-fire button.

Enables “God Mode”. Not to be confused with invincibility. God Mode lets you shoot magic out of your hands and kill everything in your path. You’re a supreme deity—for a time.

Enables “Mercury mode”, which gives you wings. It lets you fly to areas that are otherwise inaccessible by foot. The manual says it’s “incredibly useful for circumventing traps, avoiding enemies and locating secret areas.” We agree.

Be sure to grab a vomit bag. Elasto Mode will make you hurl. It turns you into a human pinball for a short period of time.

Enables “Shrooms mode”, the sort of thing that could get the game banned or at least refused classification in Australia—if it had any positive benefits to gameplay. Instead, it just makes your screen and controls wonky.

Advanced Commands

If playing around with the game’s cheats isn’t enough for you, the dev console also comes with a host of advanced commands that allow you to modify everything else that the game’s Advanced menu does not offer.

Set mouse sensitivity.

Set your screen resolution.

Exit the game prostyle.

Don’t try this at home.

This either.

Adjust your gamma!

Remove the HUD (great for screenshots)

“We think this does the same thing as showhud” say the developers. We don’t really know what this does, either.

It’s like talking. We imagine you could combine these with macros to be annoying in online games.

Enter the Matrix. Slomo from .1 to .9 to slow your roll, bro.

Start a level. Manually, that is.

Gotta go fast! Alter the speed of your movement.

“Protips” from the game developers

Protip: Type in god then booze then gunfinity and slomo .5 – Point the DRUNK Missile at the ground. YOU CAN NOW FLY.

Mega protip: type Start Entry into the console to enter the shooting gallery and museum (recommended for AFTER you beat the campaign. Spoilers, yo)

Super mega protip: Activate “Classic Mode” in audio options for EVEN MORE NOSTALGIA.

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