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Chapter 3: Fear for Prosperity

1. Help for Thessaloniki

Next goal: Deliver 300 food to Thessaloniki.

Food items include Fruits, Meat, Grain, and Bread.


2. The abandoned hideout

Next goal: Complete Council missions to gather all the treasure map parts. Locate where the treasure is, and send a convoy to recover it.


3. Blockade Genoa

Next goal: Send a combat-ready convoy to blockade Genoa and defeat 3 Genoese combat convoys.

  1. Send a combat-ready convoy to Genoa.
  2. Once it arrives, check mark the box next to the castle icon at the bottom of the command panel.
  3. You may repair the convoy and resupply after each blockade battle, if needed.


4. Drive Syracuse to ruin

Next goal: Create a recession in Syracuse by lowering its prosperity to 40% or less.

  1. Blockade: If you elect to blockade the city, Genoa will send out very powerful military convoys (Strength 196 +) in order to break your blockade.
  2. Buyout: If you elect to buyout Syracuse goods, it will of course require a fair amount of money to do so. Have a couple of convoys available to buy goods from Syracuse and quickly take them to a nearby city to sell. Repeat the process until mission completion.


5. Supply Syracuse

Next goal: Increase prosperity in Syracuse to 80%.

  1. Open the Syracuse City Menu.
  2. Click on City info to open the Info window.
  3. Here is where you see the city’s prosperity level, shown next to the masks icon.
  4. Set up or add Syracuse to a trading route so the city gets a regular supply of goods.
  5. Schools and hospitals give a 5% prosperity increase to cities.


6. Rebuild Syracuse

Next goal: Increase the population of Syracuse to 4,000.

  1. Build businesses in Syracuse that will produce profitable goods.


7. Attain Marquess rank

Next goal: Advance to the rank of Marquess.

  1. Hover the game cursor over the blue progress bar to see what areas you need to increase to achieve the next rank.
  2. For more detailed info, click on the Logbook icon under the minimap to open the Logbook window, then click the Advancement tab.


8. Maria has been kidnapped

Next goal: Locate, intercept, and rescue your wife Maria from the kidnapper’s convoy.

  1. The kidnapper’s convoy leaves from Venice and heads towards the location in the mission text. If you have a combat convoy near Venice, you can catch it quickly.


9. Another informant

Next goal: Send a powerful combat convoy to the informant’s position.

  1. You’ll be pitted in manual combat against four tough and fast enemy ships in this mission. Be prepared.
10. Another hideout

Next goal: Prepare at least 5 powerful combat convoys to investigate the hideout.

  1. This mission will have your convoys fighting a series of encounters, one right after the other. Be prepared.
11. Return to Venice

Next goal: Strengthen your convoy for combat and send it to Venice.

  1. Another enemy convoy will depart from Venice. Destroy it!


12. Become the Doge

Next goal: Advance in rank to become the Doge of Venice.

  1. With the main campaign completed, you’re now in Free Play mode. If you’re not already, continue to build your shipping empire, gaining the support of the Council of Ten, until you attain the rank of Doge.
Developer Tip: Pirate Spawn Camping
  1. Locate a pirate hideout.
  2. Park one or more strong combat-ready convoys near the hideout.
  3. Set the convoys on ‘Look out for pirates’ mode.
  4. Your convoys will engage all the pirate convoys coming from the hideout, thereby constantly increasing your rep with the Council.

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