Risen 3: Legendary Items Locations – Treasure Hunter Guide

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Earn the “Treasure Hunter” trophy and unlock character upgrades along the way with our list of easy-to-obtain overworld legendary items in Risen 3: Titan Lords.

Most of these rare items are hard to find or require lengthy side-quests to uncover — but all the legendaries listed below are easy to get at any point in your adventure. You can thank achievement-hungry fans like Random Chievo for discovering these locations.

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Overworld Legendary Items Locations – Treasure Hunter Guide

Crab Coast Legendary Items

  • Hardened Crab Shell: Find it on the round island in the northeastern section of the map. Swim there and circle around the steep hill to find a path leading to the legendary item chest in a small camp on the summit.

Calador Legendary Items

  • Booze for Aiming: Activate the Citadel Teleporter in Calador. It’s right outside the triangular fortress (The Citadel) on the southern edge of the map. Go inside through the front door and turn right. There’s another open doorway past a cooking pot. Inside the small room beyond, look right on the wooden drawers to spot the legendary item.
  • Tuning Fork: Travel to the graveyard just north of the Citadel. It’s up the road and past the windmill. Follow the dirt path up to the largest gravestone just past the ghostly NPC to find the legendary item on the ground behind the marker.
  • Blunt Ritual Knife: Once again, return to the Citadel through the Teleporter on the southern coast of Calador. Talk to Henrik inside and defeat him at arm-wrestling.
  • Broken Lock Pick: Even further north of the Citadel, pass the small windmill settlement and continue into the winding mountain range in the center-north. There’s a single building up in this area marked on the Calador map, that’s where you want to go. Enter the abandoned hut and look on the ground between the rotting bed, at the base of a cabinet.
  • Intractable Liana: Run down to the beach southwest of the Citadel, but before crossing where the west-river drains into the ocean. There’s a small camp along the rocky cliffs where a villain named Tirian has a hostage. You should see blue lights to mark the cave. Kill Tirian and look to the right of the captured woman to collect this item.

Kila Legendary Items

  • Old Bow: Travel along the eastern coast (where the beach faces north) on the map to find a dark cave full of spiderwebs. Go inside and take the right fork, then a left to reach a dead end. Against the right wall, in a particularly blue-hued corner, you’ll find the Old Bow.
  • Pestle: From the same cave entrance, continue moving east along the beach, jumping over the rocks and dodging the patrolling gorillas. Up from the beach nearby, there’s a hill with a fading skeleton on a grassy spot. There’s an Ancient Pestle and a teleporting stone on the corpse.

Taranis Legendary Items

  • Blood-Soaked Cloth: Go down to the large island with a corkscrew hill in the southeastern corner of Taranis. There’s a visible cave entrance on the map. Swim the straight and enter the cave guarded by giant rats. Eventually, you should reach a dead end with a few skulls. The legendary item is nearby, on the ground.
  • Blue Quill: The last legendary item required for the trophy is found along the northeastern coast. This one can be tricky. Look on the map for a mountain pathway — the item is found on the beach below, near the northern terminus of the road.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Treasure Hunter (10 points / Bronze):
    Collect 10 Legendary Items.

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