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Uncover the secrets of Risen 3: Titan Lords with our cheats compendium, where all of GameFront’s extra articles, secret guides, and Easter eggs are listed. Keep checking back as we provide the latest links to hidden items, collectible locations, or exploit explanations.

Cheat codes are still rare when it comes to the latest releases, but games today are packed full of side-quests to salvage and explore. When it comes to the Risen series, you’ll have a wide variety of special tasks to tackle, and here we’ll try to reveal all that’s hidden away to improve your RPG experience.

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Achievements / Trophies

The Guardian (10 points)
Completed ‘A Follower of Magic’

Liberated Lands (20 points)
Completed ‘Menacing Shadows’

Tamer (10 points)
Completed ‘Chaos in Harbour Town’

Exorcist (20 points)
Completed ‘Zak’s Temptation’

Technician (20 points)
Completed ‘The Reactor’

Scout (10 points)
Completed ‘The Missing Gnome’

Charmer (10 points)
Completed ‘Cold Nights’

Light Bearer (20 points)
Completed ‘Green Flames’

Romantic (20 points)
Completed ‘The Blue Flower’

Arbiter (20 points)
Completed ‘Water Source Conflict’

Perfectionist (50 points)
Completed 300 quests

Desperado (20 points)
Acquired 100 attribute points in Melee

Eagle Eye (20 points)
Acquired 100 attribute points in Ranged

Sly Fox (20 points)
Acquired 100 attribute points in Cunning

Manipulator (20 points)
Acquired 100 attribute points in Influence

Hard as Nails (20 points)
Acquired 100 attribute points in Toughness

Trickster (20 points)
Acquired 100 attribute points in Dexterity

Conjuror (20 points)
Acquired 100 attribute points in Magic

Metaphysician (20 points)
Acquired 100 attribute points in Spirit

The Magnificent Seven (20 points)
Got at least 7 crew members on the ship

Globetrotter (20 points)
Travelled by ship 20 times

High Flyer (10 points)
Used the parrot 10 times

Monkey Business (10 points)
Used the monkey 20 times

Alkie (20 points)
Won the Drinking mini game 10 times

Artisan (20 points)
Won the Knife-throwing mini game 10 times

Master Thief (20 points)
Picked 100 locks

Digger (10 points)
Dug up 10 treasures

Muscle Man (10 points)
Won the Arm-wrestling mini game 10 times

Skinflint (10 points)
Acquired 1000 gold

Hoarder (30 points)
Acquired 100,000 gold

Miser (50 points)
Acquired 300,000 gold

Healer (10 points)
Healed for the first time

Adventurer (10 points)
Found the first treasure in the game

Treasure Hunter (10 points)
Collected 10 Legendary Items

Angel (20 points)
Raised your soul rating to over 90

Demon (20 points)
Reduced your soul rating to under 10

Greenhorn (10 points)
Killed 10 monsters

Slaughterer (30 points)
Killed 500 monsters

Abattoir (50 points)
Killed 2000 monsters

Vulture (10 points)
Killed 10 Scavengers

Killer of Shadows (30 points)
Killed 50 Shadow Creatures

Animal Lover (10 points)
Killed 20 innocent animals

Drifting Soul (20 points)
Completed ‘United in the Afterlife’

Truce (20 points)
Completed ‘Goblin Invasion’

Secret Achievements / Trophies

8 Secret Achievements / Trophies

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