Rockstar and Take Two Casting Call Offers Possible GTA V Clues

Here’s an interesting tidbit via VG247 about the almost certain to be upcoming GTA V. It seems Rockstar/Take Two have put out a suspiciously Californian Andreasan-sounding casting call:

Internet super-sleuth Superannuation has been digging around in Rockstar and Take-Two’s business, and turned up an unannounced project – Rush – which just might be Grand Theft Auto V.

Superannuation’s search unveiled a motion capture casting call from Rockstar’s regular casting go-to, Telsey & Company, for an “interactive project” called “Rush”.

This casting call apparently includes references to “outlandish characters, weed, gangsters, and celebrities”, which would confirm the very persistent assumption that GTA V will follow in the footsteps of GTA IV by updating previously explored GTA universe locations – in this case, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas‘ city of Los Santos. But that’s not all – industrious tweeters also managed to confirm A related Actress’ resume, and a cast of characters that sound right at home in the former Stomping grounds of Carl ‘CJ Johnson and the Grove Street Families.

This might be a bit of a disappointment for people who wish that Rock Star would consider expanding, rather than merely updating that universe. People have been begging for locations as exotic as Colombia since the Vice City days. And hell, it’s possible the speculation of a return to San Andreas is baseless, or even a fake out. But as far as I’m concerned, the possibility of revisiting the setting of the most insane and over-the-top entry in the GTA series is more than welcome. THIS. DO IT PLEASE.

Why? Because it’s ridiculous that of the two open-ended sandbox style crime games from 2008, the one I’m still playing today is Saints Row 2. Come on. I mean, come on. Look, I realize this is an old gripe for me, but at the end of the day a successful GTA game should be both awesome and fun, and to be frank, GTA IV just wasn’t. Was it awesome? Indeed. It had a hilarious in-game universe, memorable characters and acting, improved graphics and and combat, incredible gameplay, and so on and so on and so on. But The Ballad of Gay Tony aside, it was impossible to have anything even remotely close to a satisfying, cathartic ending.

Like everyone else in America I was absolutely floored by GTA IV when it came out. Ask me how I felt in June, 2008 and I’d have told you Best. Game. Ever. But know what? I haven’t played the complete story all the way through more than once. Honestly, how could Rockstar manage to get so many things right but end up tarnishing the end product?

I suspect the answer can be found with Red Dead Redemption, which managed to do everything GTA IV did – a grim premise that ultimately leads to a novelistic, ambiguous outcome – but pulled it off perfectly. GTA IV was almost a test run of sorts for the smashing brilliance of Red Dead Redemption; here’s hoping when they come back for part 5, they’ve remembered that, and managed to make a game that’s playable more than once.

And please, Rockstar, please no more DLC that isn’t fully integrated into the main game, mmk?

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2 Comments on Rockstar and Take Two Casting Call Offers Possible GTA V Clues


On May 21, 2011 at 5:18 am

es muy bueno me encanta

qalieak west

On October 10, 2011 at 2:58 am

everybody i know til this day still play gta: san andreas .i asked many people from yonkers, bronx, harlem,brooklyn,jersey city to montgomery & so on ,the best game they ever played ,92% said gta:san andreas was the best and stil is the best game they ever played.a lot of people bought a ps2 jst to play san dreas. in my opinion , if a game exactly like san andreas but even better were published, it would be what everybody would/will buy