Rogue Legacy – Gold Farming Tips & Tricks

Gold is the most valuable resource in Rogue Legacy — not counting the endless family lineage charged with entering the cursed castle.

If you’re looking to get rich and earn better gear or improved stats, you’ll need gold. Because we’ve delved the depths of Rogue Legacy for countless hours, we want to share some of the secrets with those just getting into this awesome indie. Check out the full list of tips and tricks in the gold farming guide below.

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Gold Farming Tips & Tricks

#1: Stay Alive & Spend

The best way to earn lots of gold in Rogue Legacy is to simply stay alive. The longer you live, the more chances you’ll get to kill enemies, gather gold drops, and open treasure chests. Defeating bosses also provides your hero with tons of gold.

Barbarians are one of the best classes for tanking the castle. Bring some good gear and runes — which are covered in the sections below — to live even longer.

There’s always health and chests in teleport chambers found at the start of each castle zone. Be sure to pick these clean if you pass by them, or save them for later when you’re low on health.

When you return to the castle, make sure to spend as much as you can. Every time you re-enter the castle, you have to pay a steep toll and lose almost all your accumulated cash. Don’t let it sit around. Always spend it all.

Later on, you’ll be able to reduce the amount taken as a toll in the castle upgrades, but it isn’t that useful. Your best bet is always to earn lots of gold, then immediately spend it. Always keep in mind how much gold you’ll need for an upgrade — and if you can’t afford something good, spend that gold on a lesser upgrade / gear. Always spend it!

#2: Vampirism & You

Purchase and equip vampire runes. These special add-ons restore health with each kill. It’s incredibly useful and will help keep your hero alive longer with some practice.

Clearing rooms carefully can restore a large chunk of your health bar, making gold farming runs much easier. The longer you can survive, the more treasure chests you’re likely to find.

Bring the Blood Sword, too. Even if you’ve got a better sword, this trusty main-stay is good for farming gold and staying alive.

#3: Get More Gold w/ Upgrades & Spelunkers

To increase gold earned, upgrade Enchantress -> then Miner to reach this castle wing upgrade. You’ll permanently earn more gold with each glowing coin.

For an even greater upgrade, bring the Spelunker class with you. This handy extra character is weak but uncovers every treasure chest, fairy chest, and events right from the start. Incredibly useful for zeroing in on the valuable chests and ignoring fruitless dead-ends.

#4: Get Better Gear

Gear is your most valuable commodity. Always try to get the latest and greatest gear before increasing stats.

To keep a steady stream of gear equipped, don’t forget to upgrade your weight carry limit at the castle. Keep that in mind as you go through the story mode.

#5: Gold Farming Sum-Up

So, remember these main points when going out to earn gold.

1. Pick the Barbarian for survival, or the Spelunker for treasure locations on the map.
2. Equip the best gear, or the Blood Sword and Vampire Runes.
3. Ignore boss encounters and skip rooms with heavy enemy loads. Avoidance is best with the Spelunker.
4. Master secret rooms and treasure chest traps for bonus gold.
5. Stop by teleporter rooms for health pick-ups.
6. Hunt chests!

With these tips in mind you’ll make it far in Rogue Legacy. When attempting a farming run, don’t bother exploring too deep into the castle — the goal isn’t to make progress, just to get some gold. Goodluck!

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