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RSS Feeds

GameFront offers the latest games, news, videos, images and files in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 2.0 format. We invite you to subscribe to and use these feeds to post up-to-date headlines on your website.

Our Feeds

There are hundreds of feeds available covering releases, news, media and downloads. We have listed the main site-wide ones below, however if you want a feed for a specific game or engine simply goto their profile, browse their content and click the feed links shown there.

Terms of Use

We encourage you to use these feeds so long as you provide proper attribution to GameFront. Whenever you use GameFront content, please credit GameFront, either as text (Files | Mods | Demos | Patches | Addons | Maps - GameFront) or with a graphic (we reference a small 120x90 logo in each feed for this purpose).

More Information

For more details on RSS, start with the RSS 2.0 specification. We are currently using the RSS 2.0 format. The specification includes samples of earlier versions. Custom feeds can be built and tailored to your needs. Contact us for information.