Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves Review

So LittleBigPlanet 2, huh. I guess people are pretty excited about that, and the fact that it’s going to include support for Playstation Move. That excitement is part of the reason Media Molecule slapped together Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves, a downloadable cooperative spin-off that showcases how Move and LBP might work together.

Unfortunately, Prehistoric Moves isn’t much more than an underwhelming tech demo that you have to pay to play — unless you’re a member of Playstation Plus, in which case you can impose on a friend to play it with you for free.

Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves (PS3 [Reviewed])
Developer: Media Molecule
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: December 14, 2010
MSRP: $5.99

That’s an important part of Prehistoric Moves: it’s co-op only. The game will support up to four Dual Shock controllers along with one Move controller, but there’s barely enough to do here for two people, let alone five. You’ll experience everything this download has to offer in under an hour with two decent players — a little more if you’re playing it with a small child or people who don’t like video games. The latter audience seems to be who Prehistoric Moves was designed for, and it is necessarily easy and simplistic.

One player handles the Dual Shock controller and commands Sackboy through the kind of platforming levels you’d expect. The other uses the motion controller to support the Dual Shock player, chiefly by moving things out of Sackboy’s way. All of the puzzles in the game, including the boss fight at the end of the demo, require cooperation between both players. Sackboy runs around the stage until he comes to a dead end or a gap he can’t cross, at which point the player with the Move controller has to create a bridge, lift something up, activate a spring, or any of several other interactions.

But the game’s not very deep. For one, the Move portion is thin and not too engaging. Nearly every single thing that involves the Move controller boils down to gripping an item and moving it, which clears the way for the player who is actually playing a game. It’s more like the Move player is doing a support job to facilitate someone else’s fun.

But things aren’t that great for the player with the Dual Shock controller, either. Prehistoric Moves isn’t bad, but it certainly doesn’t feel indicative of what LittleBigPlanet or its impending sequel will be like. The level design is okay, but not especially amazing — no part of Prehistoric Moves has the standout ingenuity or creativity that many portions of LBP do. This shouldn’t be expected to satiate your LBP hunger in the wait for the sequel.

The problem is the requirement for cooperative play without really providing ¬†enough to do to keep everyone engaged. The game shows off the possibilities of Move in LBP, but it’s not very innovative. It’s much more probable that when LBP 2 shows up with Move support, it’ll be a lot deeper and more interesting than the more superficial motion control involvement going on here.¬†Working the Move controller feels a lot like helping a little kid play a video game, even with experienced players. And even with experienced players, your little Sackboy will get crushed, roasted and otherwise murdered by insufficiently patient block manipulation quite a bit.

Charging $4.99 for players to wander through Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves seems like a little much, especially because there’s so little to do here. After you’ve unlocked all the content, dedicated players might squeeze a second playthrough out of it in order to acquire all the available trophies, but that’s really about all there is to offer here.

For Playstation Plus members, okay — go for it, it’s free. But don’t waste $5 on this one, because it’s far overpriced.


  • Bright, colorful LittleBigPlanet style
  • New trophies and decent platforming
  • Some fun to be had with cooperative Move play


  • Pretty lacking in any sort of LBP 2 experience
  • Extremely short — not much more than a demo
  • Playing with the Move controller feels a lot like work
  • Not very imaginative for an LBP title
  • Overpriced for non-Playstation Plus members

Final Score: 60

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