Safe to Survive: Patches Greatly Improve DayZ Early Access

Even with limited content, Chernarus is a massive place and there are some interesting sites to see.  Here’s a quick photo journal that provides a look at DayZ early access in its current state:

DayZ is easy on the eyes. Dean Hall and his team at Bohemia Interactive have done a great job with the environment, and a day-night cycle with convincing light and shadow effects adds to the overall feel of being in a living world. Well, a living world filled with the undead. Above is a postcard-worthy shot that reminds me of New England in the fall.

DayZ is a personal journey. Railroads are iconic photography subjects because of their lines, lines that lead the viewer to the distant horizon and a journey into the unknown. I couldn’t resist taking the screenshot of the railroad bridge above and then finding out where the tracks would take me.

DayZ is a crossroads. When your thirst and hunger meters are in the red, how far will you go to stay alive? What road will you choose? I sat in the above location for a few minutes as my stomach “grumbled violently,” hoping a man in red might appear and offer me a proposition. No dice.

DayZ is an invitation. What secrets lie at the top of that light house? What will I see if I swim across, climb to the top, and look out over the landscape? I snapped this screen above before I found out for myself.

DayZ is desolation. From atop a building, I looked out across this village and imagined what it would look like if it were still… living. Scenes like this one add a sense of foreboding to DayZ, a feeling that keeps me looking over my shoulder everywhere I go.

DayZ is a vacation. I’ve stumbled upon a number of billboards around Chernarus, and this one is my favorite. Even with the words written in a foreign language, it translates easy enough: enjoy your time off here, with us! It also makes me want to find that Ferris wheel…

DayZ is zombies. Like this unlucky former soldier I ran into on the road. He seemed desperate to tell me something. He also gave me a mission: find the base where all of these soldiers came from…

DayZ is discovery. At long last, I found it — or at least one military outpost in this infected Soviet state. The airstrip. This is the final shot on my roll. The last image captured before I heard that distinctive crack…

Yes, a month after early access launch, the core DayZ survival sim experience is now in place. Content remains thin, but you can spend your money, log in and actually enjoy yourself.

Just don’t get comfortable.

Verdict: Buy It

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Mike Sharkey is a former GameSpy (RIP!) editor. He was viciously murdered at the airstrip in DayZ. If you have any information about his killer, please contact @mjsharkey on Twitter.

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1 Comment on Safe to Survive: Patches Greatly Improve DayZ Early Access


On February 8, 2014 at 7:38 pm

I shot you. You were on the ATC tower. You didn’t know, but now you do, that the longer you spend up there, the shorter your life.

Pertinent details: It was a Mosin with Long Range Scope, and the FOV set to nil. Nearest guess on the range is ~620m.

You died clean.

Unlike these fellas: