Saints Row 3 Collectibles Guide

Tired of purchasing lame GPS maps in Saints Row: The Third? Want to save some scratch while making extra dough by finding this hidden collectibles scattered throughout Steelport? Join our collectibles guide at Game Front to find all eighty hidden objects for a quick cash injection into your criminal enterprises. Below you’ll find links with instructions to each of the types of collectibles, so browse away.

For a little help running wild on the authorities with your very own gang, join our text and video walkthrough for Saints Row: The Third. If you want more extra content like this, featuring cheat codes and hidden awards, stop by the cheats page.

Collectibles Guide

Sex Doll Locations

  1. Sex Doll – Find the bunch of sex dolls near the water, underneath a concrete balcony, sitting near a bench. The dolls are east of Angel’s Casino, just south of the center bridge.
  2. Sex Doll – Find this bunch of sex dolls in the southern west corner of the center island of Steelport. The dolls are located in an alley between two buildings.
  3. Sex Doll – These dolls are in a dead-end alley, west of the arena in the center building. Start at the southern edge of the arena, cross the street to the west, and look in the first alley between buildings.
  4. Sex Doll – The dolls are north of the park, just across the street from the two large parallel buildings in the center island of Steelport. Cross the street while standing at the northeast corner of the left building, and you’ll find the correct building. The dolls are on the roof, you’ll need a flying vehicle to get these dolls.
  5. Sex Doll – In the center island, move north to the west docks from the central highway cutting through the island. Check the concrete alcoves looking over the docks to find the dolls.
  6. Sex Doll – These dolls are on the roof of a building in the center island, in the northeastern corner. The building is just left of the three-way junction in the northeastern corner.
  7. Sex Doll – The dolls are on the ground in the northwestern corner of the airport, just above where the two runways intersect. You’ll find the airport in the northern section of the eastern island.
  8. Sex Doll – The next set of dolls are above the tangle of roads right in front of the airport, on a road that cannot be reached without a helicopter or VTOL.
  9. Sex Doll – Southeast of the airport, you’ll be able to enter a clothing store called Leather and Lace. You’ll find the sex dolls inside.
  10. Sex Doll – These dolls are in the fenced backyard of a home in the center of the eastern Steelport island. Find the house to the right of the T-junction, north of the Meth Lab 1.
  11. Sex Doll – This set of dolls is in the underground highway tunnels beneath the suburban homes on the eastern island of Steelport.
  12. Sex Doll – These dolls are off the eastern road of the Power Plant, located in the northern section of the western island. The dolls are outside the plant, in the grass, at about the halfway point of the road.
  13. Sex Doll – Another set of roof sex dolls, cross the street just southeast of the Friendly Fire, it’s the first building you hit. Use a helicopter of VTOL to get on the roof, and look for a set of stairs leading down.
  14. Sex Doll – Find these dolls in the fenced backyard of a home just across the street, northeast, of the Red Onion Herb Dispensary.
  15. Sex Doll – These dolls are south of the Red Onion Herb Dispensary, east of the road between some suburban homes.
  16. Sex Doll – Move east from the previous dolls and search in a trashcan near a power-line tower. You’ll find these dolls south of Shaundi’s Ex’s home.
  17. Sex Doll – South of the previous dolls, there’s a small island connected to the highway leading south. Check near the base of the power-line tower to find the dolls.
  18. Sex Doll – Follow the railway cutting through the southwestern island of Steelport to find an empty railcar with a few pallets and barrels on top. The dolls are on the flatbed railcar.
  19. Sex Doll – Starting at the Factory and Crackhouse, follow the road west and follow the road as it turns north. As you reach the intersection, look left for a cluster of buildings. The dolls are sitting behind the building just west of the road.
  20. Sex Doll – Across the street from Let’s Pretend, you’ll find a large warehouse with flatbed trucks parked outside. Search the flatbeds, you’ll find the dolls ontop of a truck with a red shippin container.

Photo Op Locations

  1. Photo Op – Find a photo op taking the road from Snooky’s Sundies and More southwest. You’ll spot the fan barely a block down the diagonal road on the map.
  2. Photo Op – This fan is near Nobody Loves Me, the clothing store. Search the road closest to the short, slightly southeast from the store.
  3. Photo Op – You’ll have no problem spotting the fan near the Thunder Pump.
  4. Photo Op – This fan is on the street diagonal from the Planet Saints. Look for the Planet Saints near Parkview Flats.
  5. Photo Op – Start at the small island between the larger northern and souther islands on the western side of Steelport. From this smaller island, look for the single diagonal bridge leading northwest to the larger island. From the smaller island, look for the Saints fan at the intersection leading into that bridge.
  6. Photo Op – Find this fan outside the Red Onion Herb Dispensary.
  7. Photo Op – Start at Handy J’s Lube and Tube, then follow the road west and turn as it leads you north. Reach the next T-junction to find the fan off the road.
  8. Photo Op – Look under the bridge north of the Chupacabra Casino to find another fan off the road.
  9. Photo Op – This fan is found by taking the road east from the Chupacabra Casino, following the road as it turns north, then turn east at the T-junction. You’ll almost immediately spot the fan off the road.
  10. Photo Op – The fan is waiting on a road west of the 3-Count Casino, search the southwest corner of the large square area where the 3-Count Casino is located.
  11. Photo Op – Drive up and down the road halfway between the Henry Steel Warf and the Pickpocket Pawn Shop.
  12. Photo Op – This fan is very close to the Image as Design in the northern section of the central islands of Steelport.
  13. Photo Op – Find this fan in the northwest intersection off the two connected buildings, at the center of the central islands of Steelport.
  14. Photo Op – Check the western shore area of the central Steelport island. You’ll find them on the shore’s lip, just north of the third bridge, counting from the bottom of the central island.
  15. Photo Op – Follow the road east of Rondini’s Boat Dock, you should spot the fan in less than a block.
  16. Photo Op – Check your map and start at Curly’s Chop Shop. Move the cursor diagonally southwest to find the fan at the intersection.
  17. Photo Op – Find this fan just south of the Safeword Stronghold.
  18. Photo Op – On your map, look for the two large bridges leading into the easternmost island of Steelport. Between those bridges, you’ll see two blocks of buildings surrounded by roads near the western shore of the island. Check the single four-way-intersection leading into these two blocks for the fan.
  19. Photo Op – This fan is southeast of the Plan B Pawnshop.
  20. Photo Op – The last fan is down the road from the Passing Gas Service Station, just follow the road east until you spot them.

Drug Package Locations

  1. Drug Package – Follow the road one block southwest from the second Meth Lab, in the northern section of the western island of Steelport. Look in the backyards of the block of suburban homes to find this drug package.
  2. Drug Package – South of Friendly Fire (The gun store in the norther section of the western island of Steelport.) drive south down the road and stop just as you pass under the bridge. Check the roof west of the road with a flying vehicle.
  3. Drug Package – Move west down the street from Planet Saints (The clothing store in the norther section of the western island of Steelport.) and search the roofs of the buildings south of the road — and only the buildings just off the road leading from Planet Saints to the Organ Blackmarket. The package is on the roof, you’ll need a flying vehicle to reach it.
  4. Drug Package – East of the previous drug package, actually closer to the Planet Saints, you’ll find the package on a shipping container, still south of the same road.
  5. Drug Package – In the same block as Shaundi’s Ex’s place, you’ll need to search for a hidden cave up at the top of a cliff. Use a flying vehicle like a Specter to fly up to the rock ledge and land safely to discover the hidden cave. The package is inside the cave.
  6. Drug Package – South of Shaundi’s Ex’s place, you’ll find a cliff looking over the water. It’s a straight shot south to the cliff, use a Specter to reach the cave, hidden by a tree.
  7. Drug Package – West of the southeastern island’s Friendly Fire, you’ll find a concrete dock underneath the bridge. Search inbetween the shipping containers to find this drug package.
  8. Drug Package – Take off west from Handy J’s Tube and Lube one block. South of the road, search the backlots of the first square block of buildings.
  9. Drug Package – Behind a garage, underneath the split highway/bridge moving north from the Chupacabra Casino.
  10. Drug Package – Start your search in the southwestern island of Steelport. There are three bridges moving east. Search the shore building roofs between the central and top of the three bridges on your map. This is a roof package, you’ll need a flying vehicle.
  11. Drug Package – From the previous package, move south to the shore below the three bridges. From this dock, search the concrete alcoves looking over the water.
  12. Drug Package – On the skybridge between the two large buildings in the center of the central island of Steelport.
  13. Drug Package – South of those two buildings you’ll find the park. Follow the winding road to the center-eastern edge of the park, it’s just on the grassy ground.
  14. Drug Package – Find the Planet Saints in the central island of Steelport. From there, you’ll find the package just south behind the first set of buildings you see.
  15. Drug Package – West of Saints HQ, cross the street and search behind the the first buildings you reach.
  16. Drug Package – In the eastern island of Steelport, look on the western shore of the island between the two major bridges. Along the shore, on the map, you should spot two blocks of buildings surrounded by roads between the two bridges/highways. Search the alley behind the buildings in the lower of the two blocks.
  17. Drug Package – Cross the street north from Curly’s Chop Shop and search behind the buildings.
  18. Drug Package – In the northeast corner of the eastern island, you’ll find a large bay. Off the shore, there are huge stacks of shipping containers. Look in the gaps between the containers to find your package.
  19. Drug Package – Move south one block for the previous drug package. Search the backlots of the buildings to find the next package.
  20. Drug Package – Find the church in the easternmost island of Steelport, the drug package is sitting near the front entrance, up the stone steps.

Money Pallet Locations

  1. Money Pallet – The pallet is under a tree, south of the intersection connected to the only road leading into the power plant. Very close to the second Meth Lab.
  2. Money Pallet – This pallet is up the road from the clothing store Nobody Loves Me. Move one block north to the cluster of buildings surrounded by roads. Head behind the buildings to find the money on the concrete.
  3. Money Pallet – Find this pallet east of the Organ Blackmarket, on the roof of the building across the street. Grab a helicopter or VTOL to snatch the pallet.
  4. Money Pallet – South, down the street from Parkview Flats, find this money pallet inside Smiling Jack’s Diner. The money is deep in the back of the restaurant.
  5. Money Pallet – Enter the northwestern island, then find the westernmost double highway bridge leading south. East of the bridge, you’ll see the shore curving south. Search the shoreside just as the island curves south, and look on the backyard patios of the homes overlooking the water.
  6. Money Pallet – This is on the roof of an under construction tower, just north of the large highway leading from the western islands to the central island of steelport. The tower roof can be accessed by stairs.
  7. Money Pallet – Look in the open train cars of the train yard north of the Olde Steel Factory.
  8. Money Pallet – Another pallet located behind a building, north and east of the second Crackhouse and Factory respectively.
  9. Money Pallet – On the roof, across the street from a Friendly Fire (A Friendly Fire south from Angel’s Casino.) you’ll find the pallet. You can reach this roof from the highway above by jumping without hurting yourself.
  10. Money Pallet – Off the road just south of the 3-Count Casino, at about the midway point, you’ll find a money pallet.
  11. Money Pallet – Follow the main road south from the High Rise Condos until you’re under the bridge. The money pallet is on the ground, below the raised street.
  12. Money Pallet – Follow the road south from Friendly Fire (The Friendly Fire in the northeast corner of the central island.) until just after you pass under the bridge. Check behind the buildings west of the street.
  13. Money Pallet – Start at Rusty’s Needle (The Rusty’s Needle near the park in Steelport’s central island.) and follow the raised public rail south until it turns west. The builings northeast of the turns are a set of apartment complexes. Check the steps or you’ll miss the cash.
  14. Money Pallet – Check the patio of an abandoned gas station, in the southeastern corner of the central island of Steelport.
  15. Money Pallet – You’ll need to go to the monument island, and check the southern point to find the cash.
  16. Money Pallet – Search the tower roof on the small island south of the easternmost island of Steelport. The building you want is on that small island, on the northern central tower.
  17. Money Pallet – Look behind the southern Friendly Fire building on the easternmost island of Steelport to find the cash on the concrete ground.
  18. Money Pallet – North of the clothing shop Leather and Lace, you’ll find the money in an alley off the street.
  19. Money Pallet – Grab a helicopter and head straight south from the Airport Hangar to the first cluster of buildings you reach. Search the rooftops for your money pallet.
  20. Money Pallet – Head west of Curly’s Chop Block to the first building you hit, and look behind it to find the money on the ground.

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On November 23, 2011 at 5:37 am

Hey I made Zombie attack, the mission, and a photo opp was there in the middle of the street near a mayhem and each time I come to do it the zombies kill him so I can’t get it s can you dicover a solution please.


On November 24, 2011 at 5:12 pm

i had that same issue. go when its light out(even tho the zombies are there, there arent many that time) and quickly use a vtol or car and get that photo op done :3


On November 28, 2011 at 7:25 am

sourround him with verchals and then the zombie’s won’t be able to get through, thats how I done it.


On December 3, 2011 at 4:07 pm

what do you get if you collect them all?


On December 4, 2011 at 12:04 pm

“what do you get if you collect them all?”


Big Balls Jim

On December 9, 2011 at 12:00 pm

My balls are big


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