Saints Row 4: Audio Logs Locations Guide

Every game needs collectibles, and Saints Row 4 fills the quota with hidden audio logs. Like Bioshock, Transformers, and Aliens: Colonial Marines, Saints Row 4 brings the backstory with these secret files. Just don’t take these too seriously. If you’re looking to finish collecting and earn an extra achievement, get all the locations in the guide below.

Getting everything means completing the campaign (or most of it) so if you’re ever having trouble, check out Game Front’s Saints Row 4 guide. There are plenty of secrets, codes, and more scattered around the Saint’s turf of Steelport, too. Get all that on our compendium of Saints Row 4 cheats.

Audio Logs Locations Guide

8/20: Work-In-Progress

NOTE: Complete “The Pledge” for Matt Miller to unlock the Collectible Finder upgrade.

Burns Hill

  • Audio Log #1: Look on the center structure of the Nuclear Power Plant to find the first audio log.


  • Audio Log #2: Travel to the bustling center of the neighborhood, and search across from the red-lit strip club.
  • Audio Log #3: Find a statue fountain (of women) in the park just slightly southeast from the previous log.


  • Audio Log #4: Jump onto the warehouse roof on the southern pier.


  • Audio Log #5: Search the front stoops of the suburban homes along the northern street of the neighborhood. At about the north-center, you’ll find an audio log on the porch.
  • Audio Log #6: In the back alley behind the Rim Jobs.

Arapice Island

  • Audio Log #7: Near a set of strairs next to the northern bridge leading off the island.
  • Audio Log #8: The log is located on a roof, under the highway, across the streets from a Rim Jobs.

The Grove

  • Audio Log #9: Look in a train car in the northwestern corner of the neighborhood.


  • Audio Log #10: Search the small island to the east of the neighborhood, below the highway.
  • Audio Log #11: Climb the large blue tower in the center of the district.
  • Audio Log #12: Look in the back alleys in the block across the street from the Rim Jobs.
  • Audio Log #13: Search the grasslands to the west of the Rim Jobs, under the power lines.
  • Audio Log #14: Look on the ground behind the Saints church to discover yet another log.


  • Audio Log #15: Look above the Thunder Pump gas station on the north-western edge of the neighborhood.

Henry Steel Mills

  • Audio Log #16: Check out the rocks jutting into the glitchy water around the northwestern edge of the neighborhood.
  • Audio Log #17: Look on the warehouse roof to the south of the western pier of this neighborhood.
  • Audio Log #18: Search the tall Zin tower southwest of the gun store.
  • Audio Log #19: Climb and jump around the tall towers to the northwest of the Rim Jobs to discover this log.

Loren Square

  • Audio Log #20: Look under the highway, where there are lights hanging from the road and burning trash cans. On the east side, there’s an audio log right under where the highway expands.
  • Audio Log #21: Just like the previous collectible, look under the highway on the west side of town.
  • Audio Log #22: Check out the Thunder Pump station down the street from the center bridge on the northern edge of the square.
  • Audio Log #23: Jump onto the roofs across from the Planet Zin.
  • Audio Log #24: Look around the buildings near the north Zin clearing, to the east.
  • Audio Log #25: Behind the brickstones located almost dead center of the neighborhood.
  • Audio Log #26: Check out the Broken Shillelagh club for an easy audio log.

Sunset Park

  • Audio Log #27: Check out the west side of the park on the northern edge of the neighborhood.
  • Audio Log #28: Check out the grounds of the fenced-in areas behind some buildings, to the north of the large highway leading into the neighborhood.
  • Audio Log #29: Between shipping containers on the southern edge, right next to the weird water’s edge.
  • Audio Log #30: Explore the longest dock reaching out toward the Zin statue.
  • Audio Log #31: Naturally, the last audio log of this neighborhood is on the Zin statue itself.

Wesley Cutter International

  • Audio Log #32: There’s a crashed plane in the water near the small island north of the airport.
  • Audio Log #33: Underneath one of the plane walkways behind the terminals.
  • Audio Log #34: On a flatbed truck east of the airport, in the maintenance area.

Camano Place

  • Audio Log #35: Start at the Leather and Lace clothing store, then travel straight east until spotting a partially destroyed roof with the audio log inside.


  • Audio Log #36: Look in the very north-western corner of the neighborhood, between the industrial building and the water, to find another log.
  • Audio Log #37: Explore the area directly north of Rim Jobs to find this audio log, sitting near the road, out in the open.

Steelport Guard Armory

  • Audio Log #38: Look on the tower near the south-eastern bridge to the island.
  • Audio Log #39: The final log is located right in front of the armory warehouse doors.

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