Saints Row 4: How the Saints Save Christmas DLC Guide

Table of Contents

How the Saints Save Christmas

  • Miracle on 3rd Street
  • The Fight Before Christmas
  • The Santa Clawz
  • The Saint’s Holiday Extravaganza Gallery [SPOILERS]
  • Saints Row 4

  • Video Walkthrough
  • Easter Eggs
  • Secret Developer Room
  • Cheat Codes
  • Text Adventure Locations
  • Audio Log Locations

  • Miracle on 3rd Street

    It really is the most wonderful time of the year – time for more Saints Row 4 DLC. This one’s all about the season of giving, and it’s no surprise the Boss is a huge Grinch.

    Get the mission started by activating it in the quest tab. Scroll down and pick it from the list, then return to the ship.

    Everyone is busy decorating, but the Boss is too lazy / surly to pitch in. Even a soulless AI like CID is getting in on the cheer.

    The scene turns ugly when Future Shaundi arrives to bring horrible news; Santa has gone evil! To save the future, the Saints must save Christmas.

    And so starts the DLC episode, with Future Shaundi and her cybernetic implants by your unarmed, sweater-wearing side.

    Returning to the ’50s, the first objective marker points the Boss to a store. There are no powers here (yet) so you’ll have to settle for a mild jog over to the blue marker.

    Kick through the glass, and grab a new weapon; the Crimson Cowboy Air Rifle – no resemblance to the Red Rider Air Rifle.

    Stealing puts the Boss on evil Santa Clawz’ naughty list. The town turns dark as the demonic sleigh flies overhead, converting ’50s denizens into twisted Gingerbread Men.

    The chewy bakery-fresh soldiers aren’t so different from your run-of-the-mill alien troops. The Crimson Cowboy rifle will take care of these minions. The gun’s pellets will bounce around too – don’t shoot your eye out!

    Fight through the Gingerbread Men toward the target marker to kill Clawz in the park. If you’re low on health, grab the glowing blue pick-ups the bad guys drop as the Boss guns them down.

    Think that cheap toy gun is enough to take down Santa Clawz? Think again. Shoot at him, and you’ll get a nasty ricochet…

    Not only does Santa get pegged, but so does the Boss’ right eye! Rush over and revive the TRUE Santa Claus, stuck wearing a ratty suit with barely a layer of fat on him.

    With Santa saved, lead the fat ol’ elf to the park where you’ll find Holiday Bells. Ring each to unlock your remaining weapons and powers. Each bell will provide the Boss with something he was missing – you can either ring about five of the bells and more on, or shoot them all to get your missing powers back.

    After ringing the first few, the Boss will get super speed and super jump unlocked. That makes ringing the remaining bells super-easy. No reason not to, right? It also unlocks an achievement.

    Watch out for a new enemy – the Toy Soldiers! These Terminator-style toys stomp around, firing laser miniguns or spraying mines. Blast these suckers with heavy weapons, shotguns, or throw fire blasts to knock them out of commission.

    With the bells ringing in the holidays, it’s time to put on a Christmas movie at the theater. All theaters need a projector, so it’s time to fish one out of the pool. Does Clawz’ evil have no limit?

    Watch out, the pool is protected by Toy Soldiers and Gingerbread Men on the rooftops. Dash and glide above, dropping fire blasts or use a little mind control to get a handle on the situation.

    When the area is clear, stomp on the frozen water to reveal the sunken projector underneath.

    Use Telekinesis to lift the projector up. Don’t worry, you can use super speed and super leaps with TK still active.

    With the projector, run and jump to the drive-in theater and jam the device onto the square marker – no need to throw it, just nudge the TK’d physics object into the peg to attach it.

    The projector generates enough holiday spirit to bring down Clawz’ sleigh, but not enough to stop him. The theater needs more power! CID is already on the case. Meet him at the clocktower, where swarms of bad guys are waiting.

    Clear the toys and baked goods out with a few well-placed rockets or blast/stomps. Whatever’s the most Christmas-y way to kill evil-doers.

    The goal is to protect CID until the yellow meter fills up. When that’s done, jump up onto the roof.

    CID needs the Boss to lick the pole – y’know, to better conduct electricity. After refusing once, just do it. Christmas is on the line here, there’s no time to wimp out!

    Now that the power is back on, return to the projector at the theater and turn it on. The movie? Why, it’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” which really is a seasonal classic.

    Now Clawz is vulnerable. Rocket or blast the collected cars below to destroy a vast majority of the bad guys in the drive-in, and get rid of Clawz’ annoying tendency to toss cars at you.

    Blast Clawz until he’s brown bread. Unfortunately, the evil fatman feeds off naughtiness. Once he’s down, run to the body and try to finish him off.

    He’ll just fly away! This isn’t over, not by a long shot. Time to take the fight up to the North Pole.

    Mission Rewards:
    Weapon – Crimson Cowboy Rifle
    Homie – Future Shaundi
    Clothing – Xmas Sweater.

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