Saints Row 4: How the Saints Save Christmas DLC Guide

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How the Saints Save Christmas

  • Miracle on 3rd Street
  • The Fight Before Christmas
  • The Santa Clawz
  • The Saint’s Holiday Extravaganza Gallery [SPOILERS]
  • Saints Row 4

  • Video Walkthrough
  • Easter Eggs
  • Secret Developer Room
  • Cheat Codes
  • Text Adventure Locations
  • Audio Log Locations

  • The Santa Clawz

    A monstrous, massive Clawz is under an impenetrable shield in Steelport, yucking it up with his naughty soldiers.

    If the Boss doesn’t bring Steelport some serious holiday cheer, Clawz will become invincible.

    It just so happens Santa Claus’ sleigh has just the tools you need. His flying vehicle fires presents (which gradually recharge) or automatic coal pellets.

    There are three locations where the boss can rain cheer down. Each house is marked naughty or nice. Naughty houses just need a deadly spray of coal. Nice houses need about 4 presents each.

    You’re on a tight time-limit of about eight (8) minutes, so move fast! Don’t fly too high, and switch to jet-mode to get from location to location.

    At each location, switch back to hover-mode, then unload into the marked homes. Presents for blue, coal for red. 4 presents to a nice house, and lots of coal directly into a red house. Keep shooting until scary horns or candy cane appear over the target-home.

    While waiting for your presents to recharge, try knocking out those evil sleighs on Santa’s mudflaps. A couple of coal pellets will knock the buggers out of the sky.

    When all three zones are cheer-ified, it’s time to confront Clawz in the park outside the old Syndicate Tower.

    Fly in close, and the pure naughty energy will cause the Sleigh to crash. Of course, Santa’s just fine. Future Shaundi and Mrs. Claus will appear to help defeat Clawz – but that devil is still powering up behind his shield.

    Fight the swarms of Gingerbread Men and Toy Soldiers in the plaza until you’re given a new mission – light the symbols of the season to create even more cheer.

    Use fire blast on the Kinara first, then rush over to get the Menorah lit and ready with a second fire blast.

    After that, the Boss will need to go to… the pole. The Festivus Pole. What to do with it? A feat of strength, of course! Use stomp to wipe the pole out, and continue with the airing of grievances.

    With cheer at an all-time high in Steelport, return to Clawz. Pick off some Gingerbread Men to get a little health infusion – you’ll need it for the final confrontation.

    Things aren’t over yet, the shield is still up. There’s one way to bring more cheer, and that’s to deliver more presents. In a last minute save, Kinzie shows up to deliver more presents to the people.

    Grab the extra boxes with TK and toss them at nice citizens (marked in blue) to make the world even happier. This gets tricky, later on Clawz will start converting nice citizens, so you’ll need to be quick.

    To make sure a present hits a nice citizen, walk up to them and touch the floating box to the NPC, then let it loose. That should guarantee a hit.

    When enough presents are delivered, Monster Clawz’ shield will finally drop. Now you can take him on, mano-a-kringle.

    Once again, regular weapons won’t harm Clawz. You’ll have to defeat him the only way Santa knows how – giving him presents!

    That’s easier said than done. Clawz fights like a Warden. He jumps around, stomps the ground, and tosses concussive blasts all over the jolly place. He’s a menace, and landing a present on him ain’t easy.

    For this fight, the Boss needs to avoid Clawz’ many stunning attacks. Jump when he stomps – as long as you aren’t touching the ground, you won’t be flung up into the sky like a ragdoll. You can keep moving with the TK’d present, so do it.

    When it’s time, wait for Clawz to stand still. Walk up to him, touch the present against the giant character model, then throw. If you can’t get too close, just remember to only throw presents when Clawz is standing still – it seems like the only time they will properly connect.

    Deliver three (3) gifts and Clawz will finally be defeated. Congratulations, Boss, you’ve saved Christmas!

    The final montage takes the Saints on a extravagantly cheerful tour of mirth. Check out the the last page to see every joyful activity in the final gallery on the next page. And have a happy holiday!

    Mission Rewards:
    Vehicle – Gingerbread Van
    Homie – Clawz
    Homie – Gingerbread Men
    Homie – Santa
    Vehicle – Dasher
    Vehicle – Slayer
    Vehicle – Jolly Compton
    Activity – Naughty and Nice

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