Saints Row 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Purple Ops
  • Hail to the Chief
  • Leave It to the Saints
  • Learn the Rules…
  • The Escape
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Zero Cool
  • Anomalous Readings
  • Back by Popular Demand
  • The Boss Goes to Washington
  • King of Stilwater
  • From Asha With Love
  • Emergency Situation
  • …The Very Next Day
  • The Kinzie Gambit
  • The Girl Who Hates the ’50s
  • Keymaster
  • Punch the Shark

  • Side Quests

  • Emergency Situation

    1. Return to the simulation to head towards the next objective marker that appears and reach the Ping Location to grab CID with your telekinesis, then launch him into the air and sprint away before a hostile gang arrives.
    2. Travel to another Ping Location and use telekinesis to bring CID with you, then throw him into the air and head towards the next objective marker to reach the Relay.
    3. Sprint back and forth across the parking area, while firing your automatic weapon, to mow down the gang members in front of the fence and on the right-side rooftop.
    4. Turn around the blow up the enemy vehicles with your fire blast and destroy the indicated relay, then travel to the next Ping Location to throw CID in the air again and go to the Relay that appears after that.
    5. Land beside one of the enemies on the indicated platform to take a hostage and start clearing out the surrounding thugs, then toss away your human shield to approach the relays at close-range and destroy them with fire blasts.
    6. Destroy all of the remaining relays and travel towards the next objective marker that appears to land on the indicated platform, then grab CID with telekinesis and launch him straight up into the shield generator directly above you.
    7. Use your map to anticipate the arrival of enemy aircraft and move towards them at close-range to knock the ships out of the sky with freeze blasts, then fire automatic rounds at the relays that appear next to destroy them all one-by-one.
    8. Head towards the next objective marker to locate another relay and land on one of the adjacent rooftops to open fire on the enemies below, then launch CID into the shield generator above and stay on the move to avoid taking damage.
    9. Return to one of the surrounding rooftop to equip your most powerful weapon and aim it at the Marauder walking the streets below, then start draining its health with the help of fire blasts and by detonating the vehicles at the robot’s feet.
    10. Wait for your partner to distract the Marauder and shoot the weak spot on the back of its head to inflict significant damage, then jump between rooftops to keep a line of sight on this enemy’s vulnerable area and target it to eventually destroy the robot.
    11. Throw CID into the shield generator again and clear the area by detonating the surrounding vehicles with fire blasts, then destroy the relay that appears and travel to the next objective marker to reach the Source.
    12. Use telekinesis to toss the indicated clones through the Source’s fiery portal until the Throwback Clone appears, then chase this enemy down to hit him with a freeze blast and follow it up with repeated shotgun blasts or a super stomp.
    13. When you suffer serious damage, sprint away to a safe distance from the Throwback Clone and gun down anyone you can find to collect additional health.
    14. Defeat the Throwback Clone using the technique described above and return to the Source to throw more clones through it, then open fire on the next wave of throwbacks that emerge and chase them down one-by-one for elimination.
    15. Toss the defeated clones back into the source and travel towards the next objective marker to reach the Data Surge, then hit the warden at close-range with freeze blasts and shotgun rounds.
    16. Chase after the warden to execute a super stomp in the vicinity of wherever he lands, then continue using the shotgun to inflict damage and toss cars at him from the freeway with the help of telekinesis.
    17. Finish draining the warden’s health to execute a finishing move and acquire the Buff to enter the training area, then follow the on-screen prompts to eliminate the enemies that appear with your various new powers and complete this mission.

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    On February 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    on my game the doors kill me because the game wont allow me to go side way so I am stuck on that level
    on the pc