Saints Row 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Purple Ops
  • Hail to the Chief
  • Leave It to the Saints
  • Learn the Rules…
  • The Escape
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Zero Cool
  • Anomalous Readings
  • Back by Popular Demand
  • The Boss Goes to Washington
  • King of Stilwater
  • From Asha With Love
  • Emergency Situation
  • …The Very Next Day
  • The Kinzie Gambit
  • The Girl Who Hates the ’50s
  • Keymaster
  • Punch the Shark

  • Side Quests

  • Keymaster

    1. Return to the simulation to approach the current objective marker and meet Johnny Gat to activate a cut scene, then commandeer the armored vehicle to drive it towards the next blue indicator and locate the alien containers.
    2. Exit the vehicle to super jump towards the furthest alien container to the northwest and rip the door off with telekinesis to collect the CPU inside, then travel to the next objective marker to reach the tower and land on the indicated platforms to destroy the alien tech nearby.
    3. Collect the memory modules and look up towards the next platform above to pick off the enemies near the edge with the help of freeze blasts, then jump onto it to destroy another piece of alien tech and ascend the tower to locate the third piece.
    4. Use super stomp to land on the indicated platform and clear the surrounding area to destroy the piece of alien tech, then collect the last of the memory modules to travel to the next objective marker and arrive at the dock to locate more tech.
    5. Follow the red onscreen markers to locate the pieces of alien tech and defeat the enemies protecting them with the help of freeze or fire blasts, then use your laser sword to destroy the tech and collect all 6 gravity inhibitors.
    6. Keep moving in the direction of the next blue objective marker to follow Johnny Gat across the city and wait for him to land, then jump onto one of the overhead ledges to start clearing out the enemies below and use freeze blasts to knock the hostile spaceships out of the sky.
    7. Focus on eliminating the marauders first by sprinting around behind them and hitting their weak spots, then continue protecting Gat until you can commandeer the helicopter and ascend into the air to complete the current objective.
    8. Travel to the next objective marker to find CID and activate a cut scene, then head towards the indicated Signal Area to make a Battery meter appear and move in whichever direction cause the blue bar to grow.
    9. Use the meter to locate the battery and launch freeze blasts to help clear out the surrounding enemies before picking it up, then travel to the next Signal Area to find another battery in the same manner as you did previously.
    10. Clear the surrounding area from the rooftops above and the help of super stomps, then approach the indicated generator to disable it and pick up the battery to travel to the next Signal Area.
    11. Repeat the previous methods to find the third battery and land in the near vicinity of it it, then super sprint between the two indicated generators to quickly disable both of them and pick up the battery to travel to the next Signal Area.
    12. Locate the fourth battery and equip your laser sword to start destroying or disabling the surrounding generators, then finish removing the forcefield to commandeer the indicated tank and drive it towards the current objective marker.
    13. Continue in the direction of the objective marker and maneuver past the enemy vehicles that stand in your way by blowing them up with the tank’s cannon or smashing through them, then pull into the drop off location to complete this mission.

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    On February 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    on my game the doors kill me because the game wont allow me to go side way so I am stuck on that level
    on the pc