Saints Row 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Purple Ops
  • Hail to the Chief
  • Leave It to the Saints
  • Learn the Rules…
  • The Escape
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Zero Cool
  • Anomalous Readings
  • Back by Popular Demand
  • The Boss Goes to Washington
  • King of Stilwater
  • From Asha With Love
  • Emergency Situation
  • …The Very Next Day
  • The Kinzie Gambit
  • The Girl Who Hates the ’50s
  • Keymaster
  • Punch the Shark

  • Side Quests

  • Learn the Rules…

    1. Set your GPS to the Friendly Fire weapon store and commandeer a vehicle to drive towards the new objective marker that has appeared, then enter the building to purchase a shotgun, an SMG and a pistol.
    2. Exit the store to encounter the police and open fire on them with your pistol to save the other weapons’ ammo, then use the cop cars as cover to continue eliminating the surrounding threats and finish clearing the area.
    3. Commandeer one of the police cruisers to drive to the next objective marker and arrive at the flashpoint, then drive over as many marked enemies as you can before the vehicle takes too much damage and get out on foot to start scoring head shots.
    4. Use the corners of the surrounding houses as cover to eliminate every marked enemy in the area, then drive to the next objective marker to reach Kinzie’s and enter the warehouse to complete this mission.
    5. Drive towards the nearest triangular blue objective marker on your map until the data cluster distance meter appears, then change directions until the yellow bar starts to grow and look for the blue beam of light to pass through it.
    6. Repeat the previous step three more times, then check your HUB to open the Powers menu and purchase both of the passive abilities to enter the training area.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to jump across the rooftops and head in the direction of the current objective marker, then sprint up the side of the building at the end to reach the top and clear the series of gaps in front of you to enter the next training area.
    8. Sprint forward through the first checkpoint and steer yourself through the green energy orbs to maintain speed, then use the map and the large blue arrow indicators to anticipate each turn you have to make along the course.
    9. Stay on the trail of green orbs as accurately as possible to avoid obstacles and remain on the correct path, then make each one of your turns a second before you normally would to correct for speed and hit the ramps at full speed to cover as much distance as possible.
    10. Hit the far left side of the second row of ramps to appear and launch off another one on the building above, then vault across the rooftops ahead as a means of taking a shortcut and sprint up the side of the building at the end to hit the final checkpoint.
    11. Drive towards the current objective marker to reach the Hotspot and take cover near the generator to eliminate the enemies occupying the area, then approach the device at close-range and press the indicated button to disable it.
    12. Repeat the step above to disable the other indicated generator, then travel to the Controller and eliminate the shielded enemies by aiming for their feet.
    13. Approach the Controller at close-range to disable the Hotspot and encounter the Warden, then open fire on this creature immediately while moving sideways and use super sprint to dodge the red energy ball he tosses.
    14. Charge towards this enemy to get within close-range and hit him repeatedly with shotgun blasts to interrupt the firing of the red energy ball, then switch over to an automatic weapon whenever the Warden leaps away to a further distance and continue showering him with bullets.
    15. Try chasing the Warden towards the water so that he eventually falls in, then open fire on the creature from the shore above as he helplessly swims around looking for escape.
    16. Continue draining the Warden’s health until you put him in a dazed state, then press the indicated buttons to execute a finishing move and enter the next training area.
    17. Follow the on-screen prompts to equip your new Freeze Blast ability and use it to eliminate the alien soldiers that appear, then fire it at the UFO flying above to cause it to crash and collect the data cluster from the wreck.
    18. Use the Freeze Blast to disable the Warden that appears next, then open fire on him with a regular weapon to cause significant damage and jump into the air to avoid his ground pound attacks.
    19. Wait for the Warden’s red targeting laser to appear and use this opportunity to use Freeze Blast while the enemy is standing still momentarily, then continue assaulting this creature until it explodes to complete the mission.

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    On February 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    on my game the doors kill me because the game wont allow me to go side way so I am stuck on that level
    on the pc