Saints Row 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Purple Ops
  • Hail to the Chief
  • Leave It to the Saints
  • Learn the Rules…
  • The Escape
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Zero Cool
  • Anomalous Readings
  • Back by Popular Demand
  • The Boss Goes to Washington
  • King of Stilwater
  • From Asha With Love
  • Emergency Situation
  • …The Very Next Day
  • The Kinzie Gambit
  • The Girl Who Hates the ’50s
  • Keymaster
  • Punch the Shark

  • Side Quests

  • The Escape

    1. Travel towards the current primary objective marker to reach the indicated door on the rooftop, then try opening it to reveal the real exit and activate a cut scene.
    2. Afterwards, walk through the door in front of you to enter the corridor on the other side and continue pushing yourself forward to use the control panel in the corner ahead.
    3. Press the indicated button to fend off the approaching guard and steal his weapon, then proceed through the next doorway ahead to climb the staircase on the left and eliminate the enemies at the top by first grabbing one of them to use as a human shield.
    4. Continue using your hostage as a shield to eliminate the enemies around the next corner and move through the door on the left to clear the corridor on the other side, then take out the guard at the top of the staircase ahead to climb up it and exit onto the bridge outside.
    5. Move forward across the bridge to use the crates on the right as cover and eliminate the enemies ahead to safely reach the other side, then enter the next room to clear out the occupying aliens and proceed through it to exit back to the outside.
    6. Cross the next bridge with your hostage to eliminate the surrounding alien forces and stop at the dead end on the other side to turn around, then take cover behind the crates on the right and start firing at the wave of enemies approaching from the previous structure.
    7. Keep your shots aimed above the barricades lining the bridge to ensure that you score headshots on the alien army, then execute the hostage when the weapon needs cooling and continue peeking out from behind the crates to defend the current position.
    8. Fall back to the crates behind to create more distance between yourself and the line of shielded aliens that arrive next, then let them move within close range so you can target their feet or heads and break through their defenses.
    9. Continue surviving and fending off the attacks of the approaching enemy wave until a cut scene is activated in which you take control of Kinzie’s ship, then follow the on-screen prompts to navigate around the carious obstacles in the tunnel and look for areas lined with red neon lighting to stay on the designated escape route.
    10. Open fire on the enemy ships that move in front of you, but you can also follow their flight path in areas where the designated escape route becomes more confusing.
    11. Use your ship’s boosters to successfully navigate through the rotating obstacles within the tunnels and keep the craft towards the middle of the screen at all times so you have more options as to which direction you want to steer next to avoid any oncoming threats.
    12. When piloting through the last tunnel, turn the craft sideways so that it fits between the middle of the closing doors and finish exiting the Zin Ship to complete this mission.

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    1 Comment on Saints Row 4 Walkthrough


    On February 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    on my game the doors kill me because the game wont allow me to go side way so I am stuck on that level
    on the pc