Saints Row 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Purple Ops
  • Hail to the Chief
  • Leave It to the Saints
  • Learn the Rules…
  • The Escape
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Zero Cool
  • Anomalous Readings
  • Back by Popular Demand
  • The Boss Goes to Washington
  • King of Stilwater
  • From Asha With Love
  • Emergency Situation
  • …The Very Next Day
  • The Kinzie Gambit
  • The Girl Who Hates the ’50s
  • Keymaster
  • Punch the Shark

  • Side Quests

  • Zero Cool

    1. Travel towards the primary objective marker to reach The Broken Shillelagh and activate a cut scene, then wait for the tank to be deployed and destroy the enemy vehicle approaching from the north.
    2. Move the tank upward to avoid being surrounded by the motorcycles and turn the gun around to destroy them, then continue moving back and forth across the platform to finish clearing the area.
    3. Once the camera angle changes, aim your tank’s gun at the indicated Gate Key to destroy it and descend the ramp on the other side to follow the next trail of blue objective markers.
    4. As you travel across the virtual world, look for the blue lines that represent the gunfire of ground troops and back up whenever you spot an enemy tank to destroy it with multiple hits.
    5. Open fire on the next gate key from a distance to draw out the enemy tanks ahead and eliminate them, then finish destroying the gate to drive forward through it and blast apart the barricades on the other side to proceed.
    6. Fight your way to the third gate key to spring the trap, then weave around the various surrounding obstacles to maintain some sort of cover and open fire on the hostiles attacking from all sides.
    7. Defend yourself for as long as possible until the tank explodes, then continue on foot to commandeer the indicated bike and drive it forward along the road ahead.
    8. Boost down the straightaways and slow down to take the turns indicated by the green neon arrows, then ignore the tanks that appear in the road by navigating around them and pass through Io Tower at the end to activate a cut scene.
    9. Afterwards, walk through the blue door on the left to approach the computer and type “I am a slave.”
    10. Fly towards the purple star to enter it and drink the wine to wake up, then make two martini glasses out of coconuts to offer the architect a drink and tell her that her mom is a slave.
    11. Apologize to the architect twice and tell her you’re there to rescue Matt, then ask who his feared opponent is and inquire about his location.
    12. Use the phrase “let’s do this” and tell Matt you know he can beat Killbane, then order him to punch his opponent twice and mention that it’s time to go.
    13. Pick up the phone to activate a cut scene, then approach the indicated objective marker to speak with Kinzie and re-enter the real world in a robot suit.
    14. Walk forward to smash through the piles of crates ahead and stop at the next objective marker to jump onto the indicated ledge above, then break down the door in front of you to pass through it and hover across the gap on the other side.
    15. Land on the next ledge below to eliminate the nearby guards and shoulder bash through the next door ahead, then stomp or crush the alien waves on the other side and proceed in the direction of the current objective marker.
    16. Destroy every crate you see to keep the mech’s health intact and break down the door ahead to hover across the next two massive gaps on the left, then smash through another door to locate Matt in a supply room and approach the current objective marker to read a dead end.
    17. Turn around to approach the hole that’s been cut into the wall on the left and stand in front of it to smash the approaching aliens before they can exit, then shoulder blast your way over to the other hole at the opposite end of the room and repeat the process.
    18. Move back and forth between the two holes in the wall to crush the aliens before they can reach Matt, then smash the surrounding crates during lulls in the invasion to keep your health full and finish clearing the area to acquire weapons for the mech.
    19. Approach the next objective marker ahead to clear out the next group of enemies by hitting the larger clusters with rockets and mowing down the stragglers with machine guns, then pass through the doorway they were guarding to climb the stairs on the other side and kill as many aliens as you can while trying to smash crates.
    20. Follow the next trail of objective markers to reach another dead end and turn around to start defending Matt, then sweep your machine gun across the area in front of you and fire rockets at the enemies’ feet for better accuracy.
    21. Smash the crates behind you to keep your health up and retreat backwards if the enemy line ever gets too close, then approach the large squads of enemies that arrive before they can split up and blow them apart with a rocket.
    22. Once the ground troops have been depleted, turn around to look towards the sky and use rockets to shoot down the enemy aircraft hovering above.
    23. Clear out another wave of foot soldiers until your mech’s gun jams, then shoulder blast over to the remaining enemies and crush them at close-range to finish clearing the area.
    24. Sprint towards the next objective marker that appears to activate a cut scene and take control of the turrets, then open fire on the pursuing enemy spacecrafts to destroy them before they get too close and defend the ship until it comes to a stop at the end.
    25. Destroy the indicated panels to close the door in front of you and complete this mission.

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    On February 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    on my game the doors kill me because the game wont allow me to go side way so I am stuck on that level
    on the pc