Saints Row: The Third Money Pallet Locations

The Saints could always use some extra spending money. Find these hidden money pallets to add $1000 to your cash stash, with a bonus reward of $1000 for every five collectibles discovered. Sure, you could pay for a GPS treasure map to find all these money pallets, or you could use this quick guide to find the relative locations for free. The less money you spend on collectible maps, the more money you can spend on buying big guns. Sounds like a sweet trade-off to me.

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Pallet Locations

  1. Money Pallet – The pallet is under a tree, south of the intersection connected to the only road leading into the power plant. Very close to the second Meth Lab.
  2. Money Pallet – This pallet is up the road from the clothing store Nobody Loves Me. Move one block north to the cluster of buildings surrounded by roads. Head behind the buildings to find the money on the concrete.
  3. Money Pallet – Find this pallet east of the Organ Blackmarket, on the roof of the building across the street. Grab a helicopter or VTOL to snatch the pallet.
  4. Money Pallet – South, down the street from Parkview Flats, find this money pallet inside Smiling Jack’s Diner. The money is deep in the back of the restaurant.
  5. Money Pallet – Enter the northwestern island, then find the westernmost double highway bridge leading south. East of the bridge, you’ll see the shore curving south. Search the shoreside just as the island curves south, and look on the backyard patios of the homes overlooking the water.
  6. Money Pallet – This is on the roof of an under construction tower, just north of the large highway leading from the western islands to the central island of steelport. The tower roof can be accessed by stairs.
  7. Money Pallet – Look in the open train cars of the train yard north of the Olde Steel Factory.
  8. Money Pallet – Another pallet located behind a building, north and east of the second Crackhouse and Factory respectively.
  9. Money Pallet – On the roof, across the street from a Friendly Fire (A Friendly Fire south from Angel’s Casino.) you’ll find the pallet. You can reach this roof from the highway above by jumping without hurting yourself.
  10. Money Pallet – Off the road just south of the 3-Count Casino, at about the midway point, you’ll find a money pallet.
  11. Money Pallet – Follow the main road south from the High Rise Condos until you’re under the bridge. The money pallet is on the ground, below the raised street.
  12. Money Pallet – Follow the road south from Friendly Fire (The Friendly Fire in the northeast corner of the central island.) until just after you pass under the bridge. Check behind the buildings west of the street.
  13. Money Pallet – Start at Rusty’s Needle (The Rusty’s Needle near the park in Steelport’s central island.) and follow the raised public rail south until it turns west. The builings northeast of the turns are a set of apartment complexes. Check the steps or you’ll miss the cash.
  14. Money Pallet – Check the patio of an abandoned gas station, in the southeastern corner of the central island of Steelport.
  15. Money Pallet – You’ll need to go to the monument island, and check the southern point to find the cash.
  16. Money Pallet – Search the tower roof on the small island south of the easternmost island of Steelport. The building you want is on that small island, on the northern central tower.
  17. Money Pallet – Look behind the southern Friendly Fire building on the easternmost island of Steelport to find the cash on the concrete ground.
  18. Money Pallet – North of the clothing shop Leather and Lace, you’ll find the money in an alley off the street.
  19. Money Pallet – Grab a helicopter and head straight south from the Airport Hangar to the first cluster of buildings you reach. Search the rooftops for your money pallet.
  20. Money Pallet – Head west of Curly’s Chop Block to the first building you hit, and look behind it to find the money on the ground.

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