Saints Row: The Third Photo Op Locations

In Saints Row: The Third, the Third Street Saints are celebrities, and their fans are everywhere. Sometimes in your travels and adventures around Steelport, you’ll see purple-clad fans with large camera icons floating over their heads. Walk up to get a picture with them, and pocket some cash for yourself. It’s easy and fun, and these photo opportunities are much easier to find than other collectibes. So follow our quick guide to see where all 20 super-fans are waiting for you.

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Photo Locations

  1. Photo Op – Find a photo op taking the road from Snooky’s Sundies and More southwest. You’ll spot the fan barely a block down the diagonal road on the map.
  2. Photo Op – This fan is near Nobody Loves Me, the clothing store. Search the road closest to the short, slightly southeast from the store.
  3. Photo Op – You’ll have no problem spotting the fan near the Thunder Pump.
  4. Photo Op – This fan is on the street diagonal from the Planet Saints. Look for the Planet Saints near Parkview Flats.
  5. Photo Op – Start at the small island between the larger northern and souther islands on the western side of Steelport. From this smaller island, look for the single diagonal bridge leading northwest to the larger island. From the smaller island, look for the Saints fan at the intersection leading into that bridge.
  6. Photo Op – Find this fan outside the Red Onion Herb Dispensary.
  7. Photo Op – Start at Handy J’s Lube and Tube, then follow the road west and turn as it leads you north. Reach the next T-junction to find the fan off the road.
  8. Photo Op – Look under the bridge north of the Chupacabra Casino to find another fan off the road.
  9. Photo Op – This fan is found by taking the road east from the Chupacabra Casino, following the road as it turns north, then turn east at the T-junction. You’ll almost immediately spot the fan off the road.
  10. Photo Op – The fan is waiting on a road west of the 3-Count Casino, search the southwest corner of the large square area where the 3-Count Casino is located.
  11. Photo Op – Drive up and down the road halfway between the Henry Steel Warf and the Pickpocket Pawn Shop.
  12. Photo Op – This fan is very close to the Image as Design in the northern section of the central islands of Steelport.
  13. Photo Op – Find this fan in the northwest intersection off the two connected buildings, at the center of the central islands of Steelport.
  14. Photo Op – Check the western shore area of the central Steelport island. You’ll find them on the shore’s lip, just north of the third bridge, counting from the bottom of the central island.
  15. Photo Op – Follow the road east of Rondini’s Boat Dock, you should spot the fan in less than a block.
  16. Photo Op – Check your map and start at Curly’s Chop Shop. Move the cursor diagonally southwest to find the fan at the intersection.
  17. Photo Op – Find this fan just south of the Safeword Stronghold.
  18. Photo Op – On your map, look for the two large bridges leading into the easternmost island of Steelport. Between those bridges, you’ll see two blocks of buildings surrounded by roads near the western shore of the island. Check the single four-way-intersection leading into these two blocks for the fan.
  19. Photo Op – This fan is southeast of the Plan B Pawnshop.
  20. Photo Op – The last fan is down the road from the Passing Gas Service Station, just follow the road east until you spot them.

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