Saints Row: The Third Walkthrough

Welcome to our Saints Row: The Third walkthrough, where we’ll show you how to be the biggest, baddest gang in Steelport. The Saints are back, and up against their deadliest adversaries yet — the Syndicate. Taking the opposite route of the GTA series, Saints Row just gets more and more ridiculous with each passing game. Feel like beating people with a giant phallus, flying a jet-bike, calling in Reaper Drone strikes, or just slapping people in the balls? Go nuts, because in Saints Row 3, it’s all possible.

For more insane information on Saints Row: The Third, check out our achievements, trophies, and cheats.

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Table of Contents

Video Walkthrough

Act 1

When Good Heists Go Bad

  1. Watch the cut scene. After it’s over, you’ll be in the bank. Kill all of the guards in the bank.
  2. Get to the vault, and another cut scene will activate. After, head up the stairs with the explosives. If you want, sign an autograph. Plant the explosives and watch an explosive cut scene.
  3. Wait inside the half exploded building, and defend yourself from the police.
  4. Once the enemy helicopter shows up, shoot it. A friendly helicopter will then show up.
  5. After the cut scene, the vault will raise out of the bank. Defend yourself from the attacking enemies and helicopters. One of the helicopters will knock over the vault.
  6. Unfortuanetly, when you climb into the building the police will be waiting for you. However, the good news is you completed ‘When Good Heists Go Bad’.

I’m Free – Free Falling

  1. Watch the unfortunate cut scene of being thrown in jail. Listen to the Belgian’s business offer. Once you attack the guy, and free your friends, the cut scene will end.
  2. Use melee combat to kill all of the guards. Once you find a gun, pick it up. Head through the door into the cargo bay.
  3. Find a parachute. Once you reach the end of the cargo bay, fall out of the plane. Here’s the fun part. Free fall and fight off guards as you fall.
  4. After you defeat the guards, dodge the objects that fell out of the plane. Head towards Shaundi. Save her from falling.
  5. Once again, kill all of the enemy pursuers. Once again, catch Shaundi. Save her from falling, again. Dodge falling objects as you try to catch Shaundi.
  6. After you realize you don’t have a million dollars, the mission will end.

We’re Going to Need Guns

  1. First things first, you need a car. Head past all of the strip clubs to the car at the end of the road.
  2. Get in the car, and follow your GPS. Turn right, and follow the arrows down the road.
  3. When you reach the destination, park the car. Purchase a weapon upgrade.
  4. Get back in the car, and go to the guard armory. Once again, follow the GPS. Once you reach the warehouse, find the weapons cache.
  5. When you get there, kill all of the guards. You can use one of the vehicles to kill all of the guards. Get to the weapons cache, and hold your position.
  6. More guards will attack. Friendly helicopters will kill the rest of the guards. Take control of one of the drones. Protect the helicopter using the reaper. Destroy the vehicles attacking from the road.
  7. Try to focus on the tanks. Once you’re done, get in Pierce’s chopper. Protect the bomb from the attacking helicopters.
  8. When you reach the rooftop, the bomb will land. After the cut scene, the mission will end. Get ready for the next one.

Steelport, Here I Am.

  1. You have to meet Pierce. Follow your GPS when you start the mission. When you reach the park, a cut scene will activate.
  2. Get in a car. Follow the GPS to the mechanic. Drive into the garage. After you finish upgrading your car, drive to Planet Saints.
  3. Open the door, and head in. Purchase some clothing. After, you’ll have to kill the brute. Pull out a gun, and start shooting him. Be sure to dodge his attacks, and keep your distance. Once he’s down, finish him.
  4. Get a car, and follow your GPS to the safe house. You may be attacked by rival gangs on the way. If you do, fight them off or run away.
  5. When you reach the safe house, open the door and head upstairs to the right. You have completed another mission.

Party Time

  1. Exit the safe house, and call Pierce. Enter a car, and follow the GPS to the airport. When you reach the destination, watch the cut scene.
  2. Parachute into the penthouse. Grab the lieutenant and get the elevator code. After, kill the lieutenant.
  3. Fight your way through the penthouse to the storage room, which is downstairs. Keep moving forward until you reach the elevator. Guard the elevator as the saints enter.
  4. When the saints get to the storage room, clear out the Morningstar. By clear out, I really mean kill everybody. Move back upstairs and kill all of the guards.
  5. Once everyone is dead, you realize the place is rigged to explode. Run to the helicopter, which is behind the pool. You have to fly the helicopter, so get familiar with the controls.
  6. Follow the lieutenant through the city. He is in the helicopter in front of you. Watch the meter on your screen to make sure you don’t lose him. Dodge any rockets that are aimed at your chopper.
  7. Parachute down and chase the lieutenant on foot. You only have a few minutes to catch him, so watch the timer. Once you reach him, grab him.
  8. You find out that the red wire is the correct wire to cut to disarm the bomb. You now have completed the mission, and you have a sweet new penthouse.

Guardian Angel

  1. Call Pierce and start the mission. Enter the Saints HQ.
  2. Ride the helicopter to the activity start. After, protect your homies from the attacking cars using your rocket launcher. Destroy the road blocks so the car can get through.
  3. Your helicopter will land on a rooftop. Jump off the building, and provide sniper support to protect your homies.
  4. Once your homies are safe, you will complete the mission. Get ready for the next one.


  1. Start the mission ‘Guardian Angel’. It is a relatively short mission. Meet Pierce. Follow your GPS to his location.
  2. Pierce will drive you to the deal. Protect the dealer and the buyer from rival gangs.
  3. Once the first deal is done, Pierce will drive you to the second deal. Kill the rival gangs if they attack your car. When you get there, exit the car.
  4. During the deal, kill the rival gangs as they attack. The buyer will leave without paying, so chase him down. When you catch him, kill him for stealing from you. Get back in the car.
  5. Continue to protect Pierce as he drives you home. Once you get there, you will complete the mission.

Takeover the City

  1. Call Pierce first. Follow the GPS to meet Pierce at the Friendly Fire. Purchase the Friendly Fire for one hundred dollars. Get in Pierce’s car, and leave the Friendly Fire.
  2. Follow the GPS and find the sex doll, then driving to the estates.
  3. When you get to the estates, purchase it. Get back in the car, and follow the GPS to the gang operation. When you get there, you’ll see rival gang members in the alley. Eliminate the gang operation. In other words, kill everybody.
  4. After the gang operation is destroyed, get back in the car and head to the second gang operation. You may still have the rival gang trying to kill you, so be careful.
  5. When you reach the second operation, eliminate it. There are a lot of gang members to kill, so take cover to avoid getting shot too much. Once it’s destroyed, get back in the car and drive back to the Friendly Fire you purchased.
  6. Go into the Friendly Fire, and hide to lower your notoriety. After a few seconds, you will complete the mission.

We’ve Only Just Begun

  1. Activate the mission in your phone by calling Pierce. Get in a car, and follow the GPS to the Broken Shillelagh.
  2. Enter the building, and watch the cut scene. This was easy, huh? It’s already over. You have completed all of Pierce’s City Takeover Introduction missions. Move on to the next mission.

Hit the Powder Room

  1. Directly after the previous mission, call Shaundi. Follow the GPS to get to the Powder. Move towards the warehouse with Shaundi and Pierce.
  2. Enter the warehouse. You’ll have to find a way upstairs. Enter the door to the right, then through the doors to the left. You’ll be attacked by a brute with a mini-gun. Down him, then finish him.
  3. After you kill the brute, move upstairs. Keep heading forward through the top of the warehouse until you reach the manager’s office.
  4. When you enter, Shaundi will start hacking the computer. Defend the warehouse from the attackers until she is done hacking.
  5. As soon as she finishes hacking the computer in the manager’s office, the mission will be completed.

The Belgian problem

  1. Call Pierce to start the mission. Drive to the Saints HQ. Watch the cut scene, and be sure to walk in slow motion with fitting music playing in the background. After, get in the car and drive to Syn Tower.
  2. Drive into the tower. You will be immediately met with gunfire from the dock guards. Fight your way through while killing all of the dock guards.
  3. Not too far in, you will be attacked by a brute. Shoot him until he is down, then finish him.
  4. After everyone is dead, move over to the truck to the bomb. You find out that the bomb is already armed. It’s rigged to blow in a little over fifteen minutes. Get to the elevator.
  5. The elevator will stop, but you still need to continue upstairs. You’ll have to fight your way up. There will be brutes as you are moving upstairs, so be careful.
  6. When you reach the upstairs, a cut scene will activate. Call the elevator, and head upstairs with the big naked guy. His name is Oleg. Follow him to the office.
  7. After the cut scene, you will hang from the roof. Shoot everyone as Oleg tries to knock the object down. It will fall, and you’ll have to defeat another brute.
  8. After you reach the basement, disarm the bomb or destroy the building. It is completely your choice. In this walkthrough, I will disarm the bomb. Once you make a choice, the mission will end. This is the end of Act I.

Act 2

Return to Steelport

  1. Watch the cut scene. The brand new bridge is destroyed. Move down the dock to the boat. Drive the boat down the river to the barge. Ramp the boat onto the barge.
  2. There are enemies on the barge, so fight them off. Move across the barge, and up the stairs into the room. Find Kinzie, and untie her.
  3. Get back on land, and find a car. Follow the GPS to the BDSM Club. Once there, go inside. Move forward in the club, and enter a door with a patron in it.
  4. Grab the patron, and make him tell you where the manager is. Find the manager, grab him and make him tell you where the owner is. Interrogate the owner.
  5. The owner will tell you where to find Zimos. Fight your way down the stairs. You’ll find Zimos during the cut scene, and Zimos will pull you around in a pony cart.
  6. Fight the other pony carts containing Morningstar. After you kill them all, you’ll get a call.
  7. Follow the GPS to Angel. When you get there, kill the luchadores. There will also be a brute. There are a lot of luchadores, so be careful. Continue to fight outside of the Casino until it’s okay to go inside.
  8. Enter the building, and a cut scene will activate. Protect Angel from the attacking luchadores. There will be a brute with a mini-gun that attacks from the top. Kill him, and two more brutes with flamethrowers will attack. After they are dead, you are done protecting Angel.
  9. Watch the cut scene. After, you have returned to Steelport.

Trojan Whores

  1. Call Shaundi on your phone. Head to the penthouse and go to the party. The people you were goggling at then pull out guns and attack you.
  2. Survive the initial assault of the strippers with guns. When told, protect Pierce. The strippers will cut the power. Grab a sniper rifle, and get up to the roof.
  3. Once on the roof, kill the snipers on the adjacent rooftops. Be sure to take cover so you don’t get sniped. Once all the snipers are dead, head back down the building to the maintenance room.
  4. Make your way through to the power. Restore the power, and prepare for the imminent helicopter attack. Grab the anti-air weapon from the table, and destroy the helicopters that are attacking the building.
  5. After all the helicopters are destroyed, watch the cut scene. When it’s over, you will have completed ‘Trojan Whores’.


  1. Call Zimos on your cell phone. Follow the GPS to Zimos’ place. I recommend flying a helicopter to his place. Enter, and watch the cut scene.
  2. Get in a car, and drive to the locations designated. Kill the Morningstar, and rescue the hos. When everyone is dead, recruit the hos. Make sure you don’t leave any hos behind. Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time to complete this.
  3. After the hos get in your car, drive them back to Zimos’ place. When you drop them off, drive to the other group of hos. Kill the Morningstar again, and recruit the next set of hos.
  4. Drive the second set of hos to Zimos’ place. After, you’ll be done the mission ‘Snatch’.


  1. Call Zimos to start the mission. Follow your GPS to the activity start. Zimos will drive you to the deals.
  2. Protect Zimos and the buyer from attackers. The buyer will take your stuff and run, so kill her. Protect Zimos from the attack.
  3. Once complete, head to the next location. Zimos will drive you. When you get there, exit the car and protect Zimos and the buyer again. This one is an undercover sting. Kill the cop, and protect Zimos from the attacking police.
  4. Have Zimos drive you, but the cops will chase you. Lose the police by destroying the police cars. Zimos will drive you to the next deal. Protect them again.
  5. Once Zimos is ready to drive home, get in his car. Defend the car while he drives home. Once you are there, ‘Ho Traffic’ will be completed.

Insurance Fraud

  1. Call Angel and start insurance fraud. Go to Angel’s Casino.
  2. Drive to the Casino, and watch the cut scene. Next, find the nearest intersection located on your mini-map. The location should be shown in a red circle.
  3. Essentially, all you have to do is get hit by cars. Use the ragdoll effect to throw yourself into cars, objects, or the ground. Let your adrenaline go up, and try to get as hurt as possible. You gain cash while doing this.
  4. Once you reach the amount of money you need, the activity will end and the mission will be complete.

Trail Blazing

  1. Call Angel and start the Trail Blazing activity. Drive to the activity start. Once you get there, you’ll spawn on an ATV.
  2. Once you start driving, the ATV will catch on fire. This is a simple race, except you get a time bonus for hitting cars. Follow your GPS, and reach the end of the race before time runs out.
  3. Once you reach the finish line, the mission will automatically end. Continue to the next mission, you’re on fire.

Eye of the Tiger

  1. Call Angel and start the Eye of the Tiger activity. Hopefully you’re not afraid of big cats. You’ll see why. Drive to the car that Angel tells you to drive. Angel wants to conquer any fears you have left, and gain courage.
  2. That’s right, a tiger. Get in the car with a tiger in it, and start driving.
  3. Try to raise your courage meter by simply driving. If you hit cars, or drive bad, the animal rage meter will go up. You have to keep the tiger calm. If you pass an animal rights vehicle, the tiger’s rage will go up.
  4. After you fill your courage meter, the tiger will stop clawing you and the activity will automatically end.

Face Your Fear

  1. This is the last mission for Angel. Call Angel, and head to Angel’s Casino. Walk into the building, and watch the cut scene.
  2. That’s all you have to do. Angel has built you courage, and helped you master your fear. You’re now done with Angel, and this mission.

Cyber Blazing

  1. Call Kinzie and start Cyber Blazing. Get in a car and drive to Kinzie’s hideout.
  2. Watch the cut scene, and start the game. The game is a game within a game, and may resemble a certain copyrighted movie you have recently watched. Once the time starts, start driving the motorcycle.
  3. Avoid firewalls and target the deckers. The deckers look like tanks, while the firewalls look like fire. This mission is only a race, so the point is to get the best time possible. Firewalls will make you lose time, and deckers will give you a time bonus.
  4. Once you reach the end of the race, the mission will be complete, and you will automatically exit the game within a game.


  1. Call Kinzie and start the Mayhem activity. Drive to the activity start. When you get there, you’ll have five minutes to rack up a certain amount of money in mayhem.
  2. Watch your money meter, and destroy anything you can. If you can, use a rocket launcher. The more things you destroy, or kill, the more money you will get.
  3. If you perform combos, you will get more money. That is, destroy multiple things at once. This is more easily done with rocket launchers or any other explosives.
  4. After you obtain the amount of money required, the activity will end.

Guardian Angel

  1. Call Kinzie and start the mission. Just like the last one, you have to protect someone, which happens to be Kinzie.
  2. Drive to the activity start. Next, you’ll spawn hanging from a rope with a sniper. Use the sniper to kill any deckers that attack Kinzie. After a lot of sniping, Kinzie will get in a car.
  3. After you rope up into the helicopter, use your rocket launcher to protect Kinzie’s car from the attacking deckers. Be careful to not hit Kinzie’s car with your rockets.
  4. Once Kinzie arrives at her destination, the activity will end.

Heli Assault

  1. Call Kinzie to start ‘Heli Assault’. Drive to the activity start. Kinzie has to visit three locations to hack them locally. You have to a helicopter to protect her.
  2. Follow Kinzie’s car as she makes her way to the first network building. Use the helicopter to kill any deckers that attack Kinzie. Each stop should only take a few seconds.
  3. On your way to the second network building, choppers may attack. Use your rockets to take them out. Continue to the second stop.
  4. Kinzie will stop at the network building, then leave a few seconds later. You’re on your way to the final stop. Continue to defend her car until she leaves the final network building, and finishes hacking all three sites.
  5. After the final hack, the activity will end.

Phone Phreak

  1. This is the final mission for Kinzie. Call Kinzie, and head to Smiling Jack’s. Like the final missions for the other characters, there are no actual objectives in this one.
  2. Once you reach Smiling Jack’s, enter and watch the cut scene. Once it’s done, you have completed Kinzie’s missions.

Pimps Up, Hos Down

  1. After completing ‘Escort’, call Zimos and start ‘Painting a Picture’. Go to Zimos’ place. Head inside and watch the cut scene. After the cut scene, call Zimos and start ‘Pimps Up, Hos down’.
  2. Get in a car, and drive to meet Zimos. Learn about the STAG initiative, and get in the Boogie Bus.
  3. You will wake up drugged, and naked. Go to the collection room and shut off the alarms. Fight your way to the security center. Move down the stairs, and fight through the downstairs. Once you come across a computer, disable the security.
  4. Eliminate all the Morningstar, and head to the garage. Kill the mini-gun wielding brute, then exit.
  5. After exiting the garage, the mission will be completed.

The Ho Boat

  1. Call Zimos and start ‘The Ho Boat’. Get in a car and go to the docks. In the middle of the call, Viola DeWynter will call and inform you about a shipment of hos coming in by boat.
  2. Follow your GPS to the docks, go in between the shipping crates to activate a cut scene.
  3. After the cut scene, you’ll be on a boat. Get to the cargo ship, and use the ramp on the side to get on the ship.
  4. Locate all four of the ho crates. Some will be filled with ammo, guns, or other things. One crate will have a brute in a box, but he’ll come out on his own. Once you find the first set of hos, start opening more boxes. You can find them better by listening for their voices
  5. After you find the second set of hos, go upstairs on the cargo ship. Kill the next brute, and continue searching for the third set of hos. Go up another set of stairs, and start searching again.
  6. Find the final set of hos. Once all four sets of hos are following Zimos, move to the north platform. You will get a phone call telling you to make sure everything is clear.
  7. After, multiple helicopters and boats will attack the ship. Destroy them. I recommend using the mini-gun or rocket launcher that you can find on the ship.
  8. After you clear out all of the attackers, wait for the chopper. Get in the helicopter once it hovers near the ship.
  9. Defend the chopper with your rocket launcher. Destroy all of the boats that are attacking. Further up the river, there will be snipers. Kill them with your rocket launcher.
  10. When you get closer to the road, APCs will attack you. Destroy them, too. Also, kill all of the attackers on the rooftops.
  11. The Morningstar want to buy their girls back. After the helicopter ride is done, you will be driving a shipment full of girls. You can choose to deliver the hos to Morningstar, or keep the hos for the saints. For this walkthrough, I will be keeping the girls for the saints.
  12. After the cut scene, the mission will be completed.

Gang Bang

  1. Call Oleg and start the mission. During the call, Viola will call. Meet Viola at the designated location.
  2. When you get there, watch the cut scene. You find out that Viola wants to help you. Not far into the meeting, STAG will attack. You have to escape the STAG ambush.
  3. Move through the strip club, and get attacked by STAG. Be careful of their laser weapons. Kill the enemies, and move through the doors to activate another cut scene.
  4. There will be jets in the air, and you’ll be surrounded by STAG. Just try to survive. Kill STAG enemies that land on the roof. There will also be STAG on the ground, and on surrounding buildings.
  5. Keep killing the enemies while Viola hot wires the elevator. When a VTOL attacks, destroy it. Survive a bit longer, and escape to the elevator.
  6. Move through the strip club, and exit through the doors. Get in the cop car outside the club, and drive to the Saints HQ. You will be followed by police and STAG.
  7. When you get to the Saints HQ, a cut scene will activate introducing Cyrus temple. Once he’s done talking, the mission will be complete.

Live! With Killbane

  1. Call Kinzie, and go to Smiling Jack’s. Watch the cut scene, and go with Shaundi to the helicopter. You have sixteen minutes to complete this mission.
  2. Once you’re at the helicopter, get in and fly to the first radio tower. Land on the helicopter pad, and plant the transmitter. Beware of the deckers on the roof.
  3. Once you plant the transmitter, which will take a few seconds, get back to the helicopter. Fly to the second radio tower, and land.
  4. Once again, there will be deckers on the roof. Plant the second transmitter, and get back in the helicopter. A green light will start shining from the helicopter.
  5. Fly towards the broadcast van, and shine the green light on it. If they start to run, chase them and target the van.
  6. Fill the target meter on your screen by flashing the green light on the van. Once it is complete, you will know where Killbane is broadcasting from. Fly to the interview location.
  7. After the phone call, land on the building and kill the deckers on the roof. Use the door on the roof to enter the building. Move down the stairs, and clear out the deckers.
  8. Once all the deckers are dead, talk to the reporter, Jane. Get back to the roof, and get back in the helicopter. Fly towards Killbane.
  9. When you catch Killbane, a cut scene will activate. The helicopter will spin out before Shaundi snipes Killbane. Get a text message from Matt Miller, and end the mission.

Convoy Decoy

  1. Call Pierce and start the mission. Drive to the Saints HQ, and watch the cut scene. After ruining a perfectly good chess game, get in a car. Drive to the STAG Base.
  2. Head to the back of the base, and hijack a VTOL. Get the STAG’s attention by blowing up their vehicles with the VTOL.
  3. The VTOL contains STAG base locations. Fly to another STAG Base. Once again, kill them and destroy their vehicles. When told, fly to the convoy.
  4. When you reach the convoy, clear the roadblock. Do this by blowing up all of the vehicles. After the convoy moves, find another STAG Base.
  5. Once you destroy everything in the base, fly to the final STAG Base. Watch out for enemy VTOLs that will attack you. Continue to blow things up until Oleg needs your help.
  6. Fly to Oleg, and help him by destroying the vehicles on the road. Kill any enemies that show up. VTOLs will attack you, so destroy them. After, you will be done helping Oleg.
  7. Fly over to the surveillance aircraft. Make sure you keep an eye on how much time you have left. Destroy the enemy surveillance aircraft after destroying the aircrafts around it.
  8. The plane will start crashing, and a cut scene will activate. This mission is now completed. Move on to the next one.

Learning Computer

  1. Call Kinzie, and go to Kinzie’s hideout. Drive to the STAG PR center. Deal with any cars that attack you on the way. Go through the front doors into the lobby.
  2. Clear out the lobby by killing all the STAG. Deckers will also attack, so kill them too. Once the lobby is clear, take the elevator to the garage.
  3. Move through the garage, and get to the tank. Steal the tank, and escape the garage. Drive through the garage door, and turn left. Follow the truck.
  4. Use the machine gun to damage the truck wheels. Once the truck stops, a cut scene will activate.
  5. Once Kinzie has the computer, the cut scene will end, and so will the mission.

Stop All the Downloading

  1. Call Kinzie to start this mission. Go the Kinzie’s Hideout, and watch the cut scene. Get in a car, and drive to the nuke plant. When you get there, you’ll have to hack three uplinks.
  2. Make your way to the first uplink. There will be deckers defending it, so kill them. While Kinzie is hacking the uplink, defend her from any attackers. Start moving to the second uplink.
  3. The second uplink will also have deckers that will attack you. Kill them all while Kinzie hacks the uplink. Once she’s done, head to the third uplink.
  4. The third uplink is the final uplink. Continue to kill deckers while Kinzie hacks the final uplink. After she’s finally done, get in a car and go to the landing site.
  5. Head towards the helicopter in front of the plant. Wait for the helicopter to land. Defend yourself from deckers while you’re waiting. A brute will attack you, so kill him. When the helicopter lands, get in.
  6. Fly around in the helicopter, and give the Kinzie the time she needs to locate the chair. Once she finds it, parachute into the nuke plant. Float down to the bottom.
  7. Once you’re in, head downstairs. There will be deckers having a party, so kill them. Disable all four routers around the room. After you shut off the last router, head over to the chair. Cut the last link to the chair.
  8. As soon as the chair is disabled, the mission will end.

Nyte Blayde’s Return

  1. Remember Nyte Blade? He’s back. Call Pierce, and head to the comic store. When you get there, watch the cut scene, and sign an autograph
  2. Time to find Nyte Blade. Get in a car, and drive to the PR Center. When you get there, enter the PR Center. You won’t have guns, so just open the door and walk in.
  3. Head to reception, and get permission to enter the shooting. Head upstairs to the elevator.
  4. Find and grab Josh Birk. Escape the STAG building with Josh. STAG will attack you, so pull out your gun and kill them. Continue forward through the building. Make it to the elevator with Josh.
  5. Shoot your way to the next elevator, and get to the garage. Put Josh in the car, and get in. Exit the garage, and leave the building.
  6. Drive the car to the Saints HQ. You will be attacked by STAG forces, but make your way to the building without dying. When you get there, a cut scene will activate. After the cut scene, the mission is over.

STAG Party

  1. Call Pierce and start STAG Party. Go to the Saints HQ. Next, drive to the PR Center. Pull up next to the building, and use a Molotov.
  2. More precisely, use a Molotov on each of the STAG banners to burn them. After, get back in your car and return to the Saints HQ.
  3. Once inside, use the elevator. Defend the north of the building. Set off the bombs by using the rocket launcher that was left for you outside the elevator.
  4. After defending the north with the bombs, turn around and head towards Viola. Help Viola defend the building from attackers. Defend the south side of the building.
  5. Shoot a car bomb, and enjoy the huge explosion. Continue to defend the south. When told, kill the snipers that are located on adjacent rooftops. After, move back to the north of the building.
  6. To the north, there will be tanks. Use a rocket launcher to destroy all of the tanks attacking the building. Once the tanks are destroyed, you have to provide cover fire for Pierce.
  7. Get to an elevator, and head downstairs. Shoot your way to Pierce. Escort Pierce back to Saints HQ, and go inside. Go upstairs, and defend the north using an airstrike. Target the tanks with the laser, and watch them explode.
  8. Once you destroy all the tanks using airstrikes, aircrafts will come in. Destroy all of the VTOLs with your airstrikes. The STAGs will break into the building. Go to the observation deck, and kill all of the STAGs. Defend the north again.
  9. When told, use the elevator to get to the penthouse. Go to Shaundi, and watch the cut scene. You can either give Josh to Shaundi or Cyrus. For this walkthrough, I will give Josh to Shaundi.
  10. STAG will open fire on the building. Jump off of the roof to escape the attack. After the cut scene, ‘STAG Party’ will be completed.


  1. Use your cell phone to call Pierce. Start the mission by driving to Kinzie’s hideout. Move down an alley to the garage door. Watch the cut scene, and enter virtual reality. You’ll start out as a toilet, but will change a few times. You’ll have no weapons to start, but you will get one.
  2. Fight your way to the firewall. They will alter the reality and try to slow you down, but keep moving forward. When you reach the firewall, you will have to play another game and make decisions.
  3. Read the scenario, and make a decision. I will tell you the answers, in order. First, take a torch. Next, keep walking. Keep walking, again. Unfortunately, you have to kill the Unicorn. You have completed Dragons and Tears: part 1 of the Spiraling Darkness Trilogy. Exit the game.
  4. Next, you will have to get to the anti-virus. You will be a toilet again, but you will have your canon. Shoot your way forward, and kill all of the deckers. Be sure to fight through the lag. Once the deckers are dead, you will be in a virtual tank.
  5. This next part is similar to a classic arcade game. Drive your tank around, and destroy the other tanks. You are the blue tank, so destroy the green tanks. You will then spawn as a virtual sex doll.
  6. Shoot your way to the internet security. Hopefully you’re used to inverted controls, because your controls will be temporarily changed to inverted to try to slow you down.
  7. There will be an error screen, but relax, it’s just the game. Debug the error screen, and run up the ramp to the trap. You will have to defeat Matt Miller’s avatar.
  8. There will be a button mashing sequence. Hit the buttons as they come up on the screen. After you rip off Matt Miller’s Avatar’s wings, run up to him and attack him again.
  9. Shortly after, you will change into a copy of the avatar. Use your over-powered avatar to kill all of the deckers. Matt Miller’s Avatar will return, so start fighting him.
  10. You will be evenly matched, and another button mashing sequence will come up. Hit the buttons as they come up on the screen to defeat his avatar. After beating him with your sword, he will turn into his normal self.
  11. He’ll plead for his life, and offer you tons of things. He will take you to backdoors of companies. You can choose between two companies, a weapons manufacturer, and a vehicle manufacturer. For this walkthrough, I will be choosing the weapons manufacturer.
  12. Watch the cut scene. After, ‘Http://deckers.die’ will be completed. This is also the end of Act II.

Act 3

Stillwater Blues

  1. Call Shaundi and start the mission. Someone will take Shaundi’s phone in the middle of a conversation.
  2. The phone call will end, and you’ll have to make another call. This time, to Pierce. Call Pierce and start the ‘My Name is Cyrus Temple’ mission.

My Name is Cyrus Temple

  1. After calling Shaundi, call Pierce. Get in a car, and go to Image as Design.
  2. When you get there, a cut scene will activate. Get your image changed to look exactly like Cyrus Temple. Drive your car to find a VTOL. Steal it, and fly to the Thermopylae.
  3. Land on the Thermopylae and activate a cut scene. Follow Kia, but don’t get too far ahead. She’ll lead you to some STAG Prototypes. Select two of the prototypes.
  4. After you choose, a cut scene will activate. Your cover will be blown, so fight your way through the room. Fight forward, and go through the big door on the right. Go down the ramp, and to the left. This is the door to the brig.
  5. Find your friends, and free them. Do this by activating the security doors, then finding each individual cell. Free one friend at a time until you find all three.
  6. You want to blow up the Thermopylae, so fight your way to the reactor. When you finally reach the reactor, kill all of the STAGs in the room. In the center, there will be a console. Destroy it by shooting it. After, everything will start to explode.
  7. While everything is exploding, exit the way you came in. You have three minutes to escape the Thermopylae. Each door you have to go through is marked with a blue arrow, so you don’t get confused.
  8. Hijack one of the VTOLs. Some of them will explode as you get near them, so find the correct one. The correct VTOL is the very last one on the right.
  9. When you escape, the Thermopylae will sink, and STAG will start to lock down the city. Prepare for heavy STAG forces in the future, and continue to the next mission.

A Remote Chance

  1. Call Viola and start the mission. Meet her at the Broken Shillelagh. Enter to activate a cut scene. After, you’ll be in a helicopter.
  2. The helicopter will be headed for the gym. When you get there, you have to RC the wrestler’s car. Take control of his car, and run over pedestrians.
  3. You have to run over fifteen pedestrians with the wrestler’s car. Once you’re done, get to the harbor in the helicopter.
  4. RC one of the boats, and take control. Crash the boat into the beach party on shore. After they are dead, fly over to the helicopter.
  5. Once you see the helicopter, RC it. Take control, and crash it into the other helicopter flying nearby. This may be difficult to do, so take your time. Once they collide, they will both explode.
  6. Fly over to the airport. RC one of the STAG tanks at the airport. Use it to kill the last wrestler, who is driving the other tank. If your tank explodes, simply take control of another STAG tank.
  7. Once you kill the last wrestler, watch the cut scene. Challenge Killbane to a fight, and prepare for the next mission.

3 Count Beat Down

  1. Call Angel to start the mission. Drive to the 3 Count, and watch the cut scene. Directly after, start destroying the slots in the casino. Try to fill the destruction meter on your screen. Wait for someone who knows where Angel’s mask is to show up.
  2. That person is the casino manager. Once he shows up, interrogate him. Once he tells you where the mask is, go find the vault. The vault is at the back of the building, and is already open.
  3. Angel will put on his mask, so leave the vault. There are six statues in the casino that you have to destroy. Shoot your way through the casino to each of the statues. Three are upstairs, and three are on the main floor.
  4. Destroy the statues of Killbane by shooting them. When all six statues are destroyed, finish off the remaining Luchadores. There will be a brute that attacks you, so kill him. Continue clearing out the area until two more brutes show up.
  5. You have to kill the remaining two brutes to continue. They have flame throwers, so keep your distance. When they’re dead, you’ll get a cut scene. The mission is over, and you’re one step closer to fighting Killbane.

Murderbrawl XXXI

  1. Call Angel again for Murderbrawl XXXI. Head to Murderbrawl XXXI, and watch the cut scene. Angel is going into the ring to fight Killbane. Your job is to defend the ring.
  2. Luchadores attack the ring from the entrances. You don’t have guns, so use objects and melee to defeat the Luchadores. After a few moments, a cut scene will activate, and Angel will be thrown out of the ring.
  3. Protect Angel by chain-sawing all of the Luchadores that attack. Angel broke his leg, so you have to get into the ring.
  4. Now it’s time to fight Killbane. Use melee and objects to hit Killbane. If a button shows up on the screen, press it to dodge Killbane’s attacks, and reverse it.
  5. Continue to beat Killbane, and throw him out of the ring. He’ll get back into the ring. Start fighting him again. Use various attacks, like riding Killbane, to throw him out of the ring again.
  6. After you throw him out of the ring twice, the Luchadores will attack the ring. Fight them off until Killbane enters the ring again.
  7. Keep fighting him until a cut scene activates. After you have Killbane right where you want him, he’ll beg you not to take his mask. You have two options. You can either take his mask, or spare Killbane. For this walkthrough, I will unmask Killbane.
  8. After you make your decision, a cut scene will activate. You have won Murderbrawl XXXI, congratulations.

Air Steelport

  1. Call Kinzie, then drive to the airport. A jet will be waiting for you. Watch the cut scene, and board the STAG aircraft. Open the door, but find out its locked. Turn around and search the weapon crates.
  2. The weapon crate at the very back has a sonic boom. Kill any STAG that stand in your way, and head back to the door.
  3. Destroy the door with the sonic boom. Kill all the STAGs on the other side. Move towards the door on the other side of the plane, and destroy it with the sonic boom.
  4. You destroy the cockpit by accident, so now you have to escape the plane. You have about a minute to get to the back of the plane. When you get there, a cut scene will activate and you will get inside of a STAG tank.
  5. The tank is in free fall. As you’re falling, you have to destroy the attacking STAG troops, tanks, and VTOLs. You’ll continue falling, but bail out of the tank to hijack a plane.
  6. The plane you try to steal blows up, so fall back down to the tank, and get in. The tank falls to the ground, but you’re okay. Dead STAG troops fall into a gas that turns them into zombies. The mission is over, but get ready for a zombie attack.

Zombie Attack

  1. Call Viola about the zombies. You have to go meet the mayor, so drive to meet him.
  2. He informs everyone about the zombie problem, and he wants you to deal with it. Get in a car and drive to the quarantine zone. When you get there, watch the cut scene.
  3. There are three containers leaking the virus into the air. Kill anything that gets in your way, and get to the first container. Try not to get bit on your way to the containers.
  4. Submerge each of the containers into the river. After you submerge the first container, Viola will need your help. Run to Viola while killing zombies. When you get to her, climb up the dumpster to the roof.
  5. Kill the zombies around her, and then start killing the zombies around the building. When she is safe, go to the second container. Kill zombies on your way, and submerge the second container. Your gas mask will be damaged.
  6. Run to the closest Rim Jobs. Open the door, and protect Viola while she searches the place. Right as the timer runs out, Viola finds it. Go to her.
  7. Next, run to the final container. Submerge it into the water, then run towards the chemical truck. Steal the truck, and make a decision. You can either drive the truck to Oleg, or destroy the virus for Burt Reynolds. for this walkthrough, I will be submerging the truck.
  8. Once you make a decision, the mission will be over.

Three Way

Attention: This mission has alternate endings. If you veer away from the walkthrough, you may have a different ending.

  1. Call Pierce to start the mission. Head to Saints HQ, and watch the cut scene. The city has broken into battles. Make your way to a battle location.
  2. When you get to a battle, kill everybody. There are going to be a lot of enemies, so be ready. As you clear the area, watch the meter on your screen. Once the meter is fully gone, the area will be clear.
  3. Be prepared for anything during the battle. There may be brutes, STAG, police, or other gangs. After the first battle is clear, head to a new location. Saints may come in to help you during the battle.
  4. When you get to the second battle, clear the area again. There may be tanks during this battle. Essentially, do the same thing you did the first time. If you are having trouble during the battles, then try upgrading your character.
  5. Once the second area is clear of everything, Kinzie will call. She will inform you of an armory. Find a car, and go to the armory.
  6. When you get to the armory, you’ll have to clear it out. Once again, there will be gangs, police, STAG, and vehicles. Clear it out exactly like you cleared out the other battles. Tanks will attack, so I suggest having a rocket launcher on hand.
  7. Once the armory is clear, you’ll get a phone call from Angel, and Kia. Watch the cut scene. After the cut scene, you’ll have to make a difficult decision. You can either go to the restricted zone and kill Killbane, or you can go to the statue and save Shaundi. If you kill Killbane, Shaundi will die. If you save Shaundi, Killbane will escape.
  8. For this walkthrough, I will be saving Shaundi. Get in a car, and head to the destination. When you get to the location, a cut scene will activate. I will be explaining how to save Shaundi. Board a watercraft at the docks, and get to the statue.
  9. Enter the island where the statue is located, and fight your way to the statue platform. You will be spawned on the upper part of the statue.
  10. Go around the statue, and remove the bombs. You have five minutes to do this. Take the stairs up the statue to get to the other bombs. On this level of the statue, remove the last four bombs.
  11. Once you’ve removed all eight of the bombs, proceed up the statue. There should be another set of stairs to go up. When you reach the top, Kia will have Shaundi.
  12. You have to kill Kia. Use the various grenades lying around to stun Kia. While you’re fighting, a VTOL will start attacking you. Don’t worry about it, just try not to die. Once you defeat Kia, a news team will show up in a cut scene. You’re a hero to the city.
  13. Enjoy the cut scene, but it’s not over yet.

Gangstas in Space

  1. No time for fun and games now, this is serious business. Start out the mission and find out Killbane is planning a full out attack on the Earth. Head forward on the planet, and fight your way to the force field. Hack the controls to disable the force fields.
  2. Pierce will die two days from retirement. Continue forward to disable the next force field. Cross the bridge, and get back to the ground to hack the next force field control.
  3. When the field is down, go back and revive Shaundi. Shaundi will die, also. You can’t turn back now, keep moving to the third force field. Use the stairs on the right to get to the third control panel which is on the bridge.
  4. After hacking the third force field, Johnny will need to be revived. Unfortunately, you have to go on without him. All three force fields are down, so go to Killbane’s lair.
  5. Plant explosive charges. Plant both of the explosives, and run away. A cut scene will show the explosion opening the path to Killbane’s lair. Don’t mind the shakes, or evil laughs. Enter the lair.
  6. A cut scene will activate. Is Earth really doomed? You have to stop Killbane, but how? Killbane is your father. You have to kill your own father by shooting the lava crystals in his lair while Killbane is near them.
  7. After hitting him with a few crystals, he will go down. Go over to him, and finish him off. He’s not done yet, however.
  8. Continue to shoot the lava crystals while he is near them. He will go down a second time, and you have to punch his helmet off.
  9. Once again, shoot the lava crystals. Ignore his request to rule Earth with you. Knock him down one more time, and finish him by stabbing and beating him with a giant rock.
  10. After you kill your father, Killbane, a cut scene will activate. Continue to shoot ‘Gangstas in Space’, and enjoy the credits. You have beat the game, and what other way is there to celebrate that then watching the names of the amazing people who contributed to the game? Good job, Saint.

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