Scavenger Hunts And Improved Reward Systems Are Coming To Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 offers a pretty big world for players to explore, and one incentive for players to walk off the beaten path is to engage in the game’s on-going scavenger hunt.

Game director Colin Johanson provided a brief update on the status of the scavenger hunt, as it’s a topic that’s been brought up time and time again by players on the game’s official forums. He stated that the studio isn’t currently working on building “any sort of legendary precursor scavenger hunt”, but added that it’s something they’re planning to work on in the future and that they’re in the midst of figuring out how it would function. The update follows news that the game will receive an “expansion’s worth” of content in February.

He clarified that as no one at ArenaNet is working on the system, players shouldn’t expect anything in the updates for the next three months.

“We are however working on expanding reward systems to make them more re-rewarding across all parts of the game, making the open world more rewarding, and adding new ways you can earn precursors as rewards via new reward systems taking advantage of our open persistent world,” added Johanson.

“Some of these additions will come as early as the January release, and will get covered in more detail in the next week or two as well release all the details about this release once testing has signed off it’s all ready to go in January.”

Johanson says that the studio will provide a bigger summary of their goals with reward systems, which will be out next week.

Roughly translated from someone who plays Guild Wars 2, what this means is that the game’s open world events will offer collectible tokens to serve as reward system for participation.

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2 Comments on Scavenger Hunts And Improved Reward Systems Are Coming To Guild Wars 2


On January 12, 2013 at 10:18 am

This is a good step in the right direction, and its good to see ArenaNet trying their hardest to change how the game is played.

The major factor as to why I don’t play the game anymore is because of the lack of anything to do. There’s no progression like GW1 had, its just a rush to 80 and anything in between is really worthless because once you hit 80, you can just dungeon run for tokens.

Then (as for myself) in the PvP perspective, theres absolutely nothing to do. There’s 0 progression other than the gear you can acquire, but thats all cosmetic and nothing carries over to PvE.

The main reason I feel that the game is dying out, is because of the lack of similarities to PvP and PvE. It feels almost like a different game when you step into Heart of the Mists and thats what hurts a game like Guild Wars that is supposed to be a progressive RPG experience.

I really hope we can expect more to come in the future, at this point I wouldn’t mind a full rehaul of most of the skills or combat systems. I think that the lack of resource management in GW2 also hurts it. It turned the game into a spamfest because theres no real downside to just spamming skills. Take GW1 for example where you had Energy and had to manage it carefully. If you were GvGing and you were playing Monk, spamming all your skills or just wasting your energy generally meant your team died because you can’t cast, and you had to have high-energy sets and low-energy sets for mesmers and things. It made the game completely amazing.

Dominic Tarason

On January 12, 2013 at 10:46 am

Funny that the reason the game is catching so much flak is the reason I liked it so much – it was focused on actually being a fun, tightly packed game with a clear end and a few optional post-game parts, rather than an endless treadmill loot-grind like 95% of MMOs.

Exploring new places, find new NPCs and doing interesting quests were the main drives to play for me. Once I completed enough to keep me happy, I stopped playing.

You know what? That’s fine. I’m going to come back to the game after this upcoming big update, probably roll a new character and play through the whole thing from scratch, and that’ll be a fun couple weeks. And then it’ll be over, and I’ll shelve the game again until next time

The great thing? There’s always going to be a Next Time, so long as ANet keep supporting the game. I’d much rather they work in interesting new content, rather than grindable feedback loops.