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Like many people, I’m still quite amazed that they’re actually making a new Street Fighter (particularly since I still have horrific flashbacks from the first one). But making it they are, and in fact got a chance to sit down with the new film’s screenwriter, Justin Marks, to talk about what fans can expect from this new movie. According to Marks, the story for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li will stick to the Street Fighter mythos rather carefully, but will partly delve into Bison’s past and reveal just how he gained his status. Marks also made it clear that they’re not looking to make the same mistakes that other films have made in the past. Besides ignoring the old film completely, he’s taken some of his cues from other films on what not to do, as seen in his response to a question about a possible shower scene like in the vastly superior anime film:

No this is actually a good moment to mention something about Chun-Li’s depiction in the movie. Basically there are two factors at work. First, I’ve never seen a successful action movie (in my mind) that blatantly sexualized its female lead and succeeded for its audience. CATWOMAN, ELEKTRA, the list goes on and on, and I just get a lot of eye-rolling. Then I think back to THE TERMINATOR, or possibly my all-time favorite movie, ALIENS, and I think of how Ripley is depicted in that film. She’s a tough woman, but not because she came from a place of wearing tight pants and beating up men. She’s tough because she had this core emotional story about a life that could have been and never was. To me, that’s the way you write a woman in these kinds of movies.

The second factor is Kristin [Kreuk, who plays Chun-Li] herself. She’s really something special, a fantastic actress and very selective about what she will and won’t do, because she knows that lots of girls out there are really impressionable. So we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure Chun-Li is not just a sex object fantasy for people’s desktop backgrounds. That was something Kristin made very clear, and we’re honored that she’s willing to go that route, because it’s one of the factors that’s going to elevate this above adolescent video-game adaptation.

That said, did I mention Kristin is gorgeous? And there’s one very steamy night club scene where she does… awesome things… to get the information she needs.

Well…damn; I was really looking forward to that shower scene. On the plus side though, it sounds like Marks is taking this project very seriously. Throughout the interview he seemed to constantly reassure everyone that this isn’t another hastily thrown together video game movie. Guess we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves whenever the movie comes out. In the meantime, you canr ead the rest of the interview by clicking the link below.

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3 Comments on Screenwriter Discusses New Street Fighter Movie


On May 9, 2008 at 3:41 am

oh god im sorry…forgive me…this is to much to bare…please


On May 9, 2008 at 7:34 am

I would like a Chun-Li shower scene please??? Kristin Kreuk is hawt…..Shower scene FTW!!!

Go Marlins!!!! -Back in First Place BTW!!!!

Bruce Darren Acosta

On May 10, 2008 at 2:08 am


Street Fighter screenwriter Justin Marks is talking on how the movie starts from beginning and he is also saying there are plans to make the SF sequels
but I think he should work on Ryu and Ken in the sequel because it could be a good that Ryu and Ken are the leads in the second film,Chun Li in the first movie,Ryu and Ken in the second film.
This will be a talk of working on Street Fighter movies as long as they follow the story from the games.
Thank you.