Season 2 of Star Trek Online Premieres, Dabo Girls Appear!

Continuing the regular updates to its Star Trek licensed MMO, Cryptic studios rolled out Season 2 of Star Trek Online this week. Aside from adding more story content and progressing the episodic nature of the game, Season 2 marks  a change in how players can explore the final frontier thanks to the addition of exploration play.

The new exploration mode is an attempt by the game makers to integrate more of the “Star Trek”-like feel missing in the mostly combat heavy title. No longer need captains float from mission to mission expecting a gunfight in an asteroid belt every time. Now along with missions specifically designed around mapping and exploration the game is changing up the craft mining mechanic (called scanning in STO) with a new Mass Effect 2 style minigame.

Speaking of minigames, a classic Star Trek Deep Space 9 casino game is also being introduced with this patch – Dabo. This roulette/slot game will also feature voice acting from the series’ Dabo girl eye candy – Chase Masterson, who is the 3rd Star Trek actor to add her voice to the game after the two Spocks – Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy.

Here’s a quick run down of Star Trek Online’s Season Two: Ancient Enemies new features:

  • A new level cap: players can now reach level 51. (The previous level cap was 45.)  With the increase come new ranks within the Federation and Klingon factions.
  • All new rewards and content: including new Tier 5 ships, high-level versions of every Special Task Force mission and Fleet Action, and Mark XI gear rewards.
  • Eight brand new Episodes: tailored specifically for the Klingon Empire, these Episodes star the Fek’ihri, the fabled enemy of Kahless, founder of the Klingon Empire.  In Season Two, the Fek’ihri have returned and have again set their eyes upon Qo’noS.
  • A brand new gameplay option: the Federation Diplomatic Corps. In this new system, players have the chance to meet and peacefully interact with brand new civilizations.  As players progress through the Diplomatic Corps, they earn special ranks and rewards.
  • Feature Episodes: five special new Episodes will debut weekly, beginning in August. These Episodes will introduce a new neutral race: the Deferi.  Players of any level from both factions will be able to aid the Deferi against an adversary new to Star Trek Online.
  • Dabo: a longtime staple of social areas in the Star Trek Universe, the casino game Dabo is coming to Star Trek Online. Players can wager energy credits to earn gold-pressed latinum, which they can exchange for special new rewards.

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