Second Life World Expands 44% in Q2 to 1.5 Billion Virtual Square Meters

Yeah, you read the title right, and if you were to convert those meters into miles, it would be roughly 621, 682 miles. Pulled from the site:

Land mass grew over 44%. The total number of regions owned by residents increased 44.2% over Q1 to just over 1.5 billion square meters. Our growth was due to the popularity of our newly launched “Openspace” land product along with a change in pricing to make the purchase of land more accessible to first time buyers. “Openspace” regions are full 65,000 square meter regions with an upfront fee of $250 and a recurring monthly fee of $75. We decreased the price for full regions by 40% to $1000 upfront (the recurring monthly fee remains $295). We also launched a new Land Store that instantly provisions new regions.Pricing changes plus a dramatically improved purchase experience fueled land sales in the quarter. On the other hand, premium subscriptions have remained flat since we decreased the stipend to L$ 300 per week in the second quarter of 2007. Prior to that the premium account essentially provided residents with a way to purchase L$ at a discounted rate. Because land represents nearly 8x more revenue to us than premium accounts, our focus has been on the launching of new land products rather than on enhancing the premium subscription.

I guess this means that people are still playing Second Life, which should in all actuality amaze me – yet sadly its does not.

You can read more boastful figures from Linden Labs here if you are interested.

Thanks: VG247

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8 Comments on Second Life World Expands 44% in Q2 to 1.5 Billion Virtual Square Meters


On July 9, 2008 at 10:42 am

I tried out Second Life last night and had a blast! Unfortunately, I was up till 4am learning how to do stuff. I met someone who was very informative and willing to show me around. The idea of buying virtual land is so bizarre to me. Even moreso is the fact that they are building structures on the land and renting them out to other members! So as a land owner, you can actually make enough money to pay your REAL rent (or mortgage). And from what I’ve heard, several actually do! So strange – but so COOL! I’m definitely addicted.


On July 9, 2008 at 10:54 am

I played it for a few days, and was actually offered real money (25 cents and hour) to work at an online strip club pole dancing and giving lap dances.

I seriously thought about it for a while…………. :lol: :lol:


On July 9, 2008 at 11:40 am

It’s a very common attitude to look down on Second Life players, and really, it’s the cool, safe attitude to take.

Is it the name, “Second Life,” that inspires this disdain? Is it how it writes the “for people without a first life” joke itself?

I have two thoughts about this. One is that most people have hobbies. Some people crochet on the couch, some people play golf, some people spend any spare moment in their wood shop, some people obsessively redecorate their homes. Second Life is just a hobby like any other. It provides chances to learn new skills, meet other interested people, and unwind after a stressful day. Why do golfers buy golf-themed crap to clutter up their offices, while Second Lifers learn quickly to keep their interest quiet? I’m not sure.

My second thought is simply, what if you are all too on the nose? While most Second Lifers are probably like me, an able-bodied person who just enjoys spending a stray hour or two making virtual clothes and chatting with friends, Second Life really does offer social interaction for people whose physical limitations prevent them from leading a full social life.

Are we supposed to snicker along with the “get a first life” wits, and enjoy making fun of the player who, home-bound since childhood by a ventilator, is finally connecting with other adults on intellectually equal footing? How about the autistic adult whom strangers avoid on the street because of his unconventional appearance and behavior, but who blossoms online into a witty friend and generous, technical resource?

Second Life is all too like real life. People all have different stories and different motivations not obvious to the casual observer, but surely, like in real life, the people behind the avatars deserve a bit of respect just for our shared common humanity.


On July 9, 2008 at 1:26 pm

Second Life for me is a great replacement for all the crap that’s on TV these days.

It’s also a handy as a social outlet for those weekends at the end of the month when I’m desperately wating for my next paycheck.

I find building, scripting and designing in SL much more rewarding than playing yet another mediocre first person shooter.

Maybe those people with a very active physical and social life out in the real world have some valid reasons to pour scorn but those that just veg in front of the TV or play other games all night really don’t have a leg to stand on and seriously ought to ‘get a life’ themselves.


On July 9, 2008 at 2:00 pm

I would never say that anyone who plays Second Life needs to “get a life” nor “get a first life”. I just personally did not enjoy the game because there just seemed to be nobody there, except for the above mentioned perv who wanted my character to work at his virtual strip club. Maybe I did not give it enough time, however, it failed to hook me the scant few days (and many hours within those day)that I had an account.

I personally just found it to be a bit boring and my comment regarding not being surprised that people are still playing was only in relation to that fact because I found it a bit empty, boring and hard to get around. Then again, I find a lot of games boring, but others do not and still play them – which is wonderful.

So again, it is just my personal opinion. This is a blog, so I am told to give my honest opinion on games, as I did in this piece. However, I would not make fun of anyone for playing this game. My older Brother absolutely loves it, and to be honest, probably frequents the strip club that I contemplated working in.

Could you imagine how awkward THAT would have been? :shock:


On July 9, 2008 at 2:25 pm


I’ve got a crisp $1 bill…..what can I get for a $1?

Sorry, that was just too damn easy… ya kiddo…. :lol:

Go Marlins!!!!

Prokofy Neva

On July 10, 2008 at 10:35 am

Lots of empty calories there in those statistics. They admit to bots making up 10-15 percent of the concurrent log-ons, and they just go around and suck up camping dollars or perform “traffic infusion” tasks for venues trying to pump up search. The land purchase increase is due to their offering of a new cheap low-prim island that only has 3750 prims to the 65,536 m2 instead of the standard 15,000.


On July 11, 2008 at 5:22 pm

Prokofy Neva> “They admit to bots making up 10-15 percent of the concurrent log-ons”

Ooo, where did you pick up that little trinket? I’ve been searching high and low for those kinds of figures without any success.

However, I can now afford to buy my own island. do my own teraforming, be free of neighbours with ugly builds and have somewhere to sail my yacht. Sure it’s 1/4 of the prims of a full island but that’s still twice as many as I have right now. Just fingers crossed the other 3 sims sharing my CPU aren’t into huge prim hair parties.