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The Power of the Underworld

  1. Head up the steps and go left in between the pillars. Go down the path, turn left for the supplies, then continue forward for a cutscene. Exit out the doorway, turn left and get the supplies in the temple across the way.
  2. Exit, go left and proceed forward, killing aliens along the way. Get to the back left corner of the area and get the health and temple card inside the portable (there will also be some armor in behind the portable).
  3. Turn right and use the card to enter the gate of the nearby temple. Pick up the supplies and grab the artifact that appears behind the Pharaoh statue. Exit, go forward and kill the big scorpions and other attacking aliens.
  4. Turn right and head back to slope that you probably crossed over at the beginning. Walk down, enter through the gate, pick up all of the supplies and grab the second artifact.
  5. Exit back up the slope and go left. This next temple will be hard to find but in will be in the middle of the area. You’ll pass a super tall, pointy column on the right. Go through a doorway, pass through a couple of pillars, then enter another doorway. Walk along the wire to the corner and head down the ramp.
  6. Pick up the supplies and head down the path. Once you get outside kill the attacking aliens, including the scorpion guy up on the roof to the right. Go left and enter through the doorway on the right where you will see another statue. After it rolls away, pick up the third artifact.
  7. Head back to the tunnel and then up the series of ramps to get back to the main area. From there, go in a diagonal line to the left. There will be another slope that leads down to a gate. Go through it, pick up the supplies and get the fourth and final artifact.
  8. Exit up the slope and kill the alien to the left. As soon as he’s dead, look up in the sky for a Dark Bride and take her out. Kill the other aliens, then head back to where you very first started. Walk around the fence, drop down the series of holes and head for the cool-looking door.
  9. Step onto the platform. After it lowers to the ground, run down the long pathway through two doors for a cutscene. Turn back around, head down the path and take the platform back up.
  10. Once you get to the top, go forward through the doorway and straight through the next doorway after you walk past the scaffolding to the left. Grab the supplies to the right, then head through the next doorway. Load up on C4 and pick up all of the supplies on the crates.
  11. This next part will involve a ton of C4. Plant the charges on the highlighted areas. You will have to do this several times in order to break through several walls. Keep going back for C4 as needed.
  12. Eventually you will a break through a wall with aliens on the other side—take them out. It won’t help that it’s dark, so keep your head on a swivel. After the first wave of aliens, you’ll still have to blow up a few more walls.
  13. You will eventually get to a walkway in the back left corner. Head through it and turn left up ramp, but keep in mind there will be attacking aliens coming down it. Before you get to the top, chuck a few C4 bricks to surprise ‘em. Follow the path to the next room.
  14. Pick up more C4 and armor and drop down the well in the center of the area. Proceed forward, but with caution. There will be one of those huge, goliath aliens sitting on a throne. If you can before he gets up, chuck a C4 brick at him, run away and detonate it. He’ll then chase you around the room, so you’ll have to hit him with a few more blasts of C4 to kill.
  15. Head behind his throne, go up the path the right and follow it around. Head up the stairs at the top to take you back outside. Grab the armor to the right, then kill the aliens that appear. Head through the gray doors to the next area.
  16. Pick up the supplies to the left and right and proceed forward. Kill the group of aliens to the left, then pick up all the supplies on the outer wall. After you turn around the center structure, more aliens to kill, but watch out for incoming missiles.
  17. You’ll then have to kill two more of those goliath aliens, so watch out for their fire balls. Turn left around the next wall, dodge the bowling balls and kill the skeletal aliens.
  18. Turn left and head through the opening in between the pillars. Rock around the rock pile and go through the next doorway. Turn right through the next doorway, then go left for a bunch of supplies. Turn back back around and go through the pillars, but you’ll have to kill a few of those fat aliens.
  19. Turn left and go through the doorway between the two statues. Pick up the supplies and head into the next area. Proceed forward to the left and kill the two huge scorpions. Kill the rest of the attacking aliens and make sure to get several Dark Brides flying around the area.
  20. With them all dead, go up the ramps and drop down over the ledge to the open area with the palm trees. Run over to the area with the broken pillars and get all of the supplies you can. Exit through on the other side and then it will be an all out war with a ton of different aliens.
  21. Eventually an alien spaceship will arrive. Like the one you destroyed earlier in the game, use the Rocket Launcher and aim it towards the blue lights on the bottom of the ship to take it down. After you destroy it, follow it behind the wall of the temple to complete the mission.

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