Serious Sam 3: BFE Walkthrough

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The Lost Temples of Nubia

  1. To start off here, you’ll only have your cool bracelet to fight off those creepy crawling aliens. Once you get through the sandstorm, pick up the supplies in the middle area between the broken pillars (there will be a few firearms there).
  2. Kill the rest of those aliens, then head through the doorway. Kill the group of aliens that will be waiting for you and continue forward. Continue through the desert between the broken pillars, killing aliens along the way.
  3. Once you get to palm trees, head over to helicopter crash to recover most of your gear. From there go left, kill any attacking aliens and search the structures you pass by for health ammo and armor.
  4. Once you get to the desert sands again, walk between the broken pillars and go up and over the hill. Kill the attacking aliens (there will be a lot of them), then continue forward. Go around the structure and drop down through the hole in the sand.
  5. Search this entire area for a ton of supplies, most importantly, rocket ammo. Pull out your Rocket Launcher and use it to take out the two helicopters that will be flying overhead.
  6. After you’ve searched the entire area down here, you will eventually come to some stairs. Take them up, kill the lone scorpion alien. Turn right and kill another scorpion alien over in the area with the broken pillars.
  7. Head for the broken wall and pillars to the left and kill the huge group of aliens that will be coming from over the hill just up ahead. This part will be tricky just because of the sheer amount of them. The best idea might be then to retreat once you seem them coming, even if you have to go back to the holes in the sand. This will confuse them and give you more time to kill them.
  8. After that first onslaught, head back to the hill again where there will be another one (the double barrel shotgun worked well for me here). With the second onslaught taken care of, head down the hill. Since there isn’t a lot of health around here, you might also want to perform a manual save.
  9. Head for the next group of pillars diagonally to the left. Kill the aliens and pick up hte mini gun and other supplies. Continue forward, kill the creepy crawly aliens and head for the doorway entrance.
  10. Before you get there, kill the few Dark Brides that will be floating around. Head through, pick up the supplies and kill the attacking aliens. As you continue going forward, you’ll also have to take out another helicopter overhead using your Rocket Launcher. (Again, due to the lack of health, might not be a bad place to save.)
  11. Search the backside of the temple for supplies, then go diagonally to the left for the supplies in the area with the pillars. Kill the aliens that appear, then head down the wide path between the mountain ridges.
  12. After the first turn, there will be another onslaught waiting for you. Again, the best idea is probably to turn around and sprint, thus giving you more time to take them out. You’ll also have to deal with a goliath alien, so Rockets and/or C4 will be the way to go with him.
  13. Continue down the back and kill the group of the ugly winged aliens that appear. With them dead, make a mad dash to the temple entrance.

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