Serious Sam 3: BFE Walkthrough

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The Last Man on Earth

  1. Grab all of the supplies along both walls, then head into the next room. Kill the monkey aliens jumping around on the pillars, then then head through the doorway on the right wall. Turn left and pull the lever at the end of the hallway.
  2. You will have to go through two other doorways that will have levers down the end their respective hallways. After you have pulled all three, find the fourth doorway, walk down the hallway and turn left where there will no be an opening leading to a tunnel.
  3. Walk along the bridge, throw some C4 down to kill the aliens below, then drop down. Pick up the supplies along the left wall. You will then have to carefully look for a lever on of wall (it will be easy to miss, but the only way to find it is to carefully go around the perimeter to scan for it).
  4. This will open a secret door on the opposite wall. Kill the aliens that come through. Depending on which lever you pulled, there will be two more on that same wall. Go and pull them to reveal a new hidden doorway.
  5. Head through the second hidden doorway (the one on the left) and pull the lever in the center of the room. This will open a door—kill the attacking aliens that come through it. Head down the path, kill the two aliens around the turn and get the health before going down the slope to the left.
  6. After you go down the series of ramps, sprint up the inclined slope as fast as you can and hide in the alcove to the right to avoid getting crushed by a huge boulder. After it passes by, head back down and go through the hole in the wall that it created.
  7. Kill the few aliens, pull the lever in the center of the room, then head through the doorway on the opposite side of where you entered. After you sprint to the top, jump onto the spinning platform as it comes toward you. Jump onto the non-spinning platform, make your way across and jump on another spinning platform to get you across to the doorway.
  8. Head up the steep incline (don’t worry, no boulder) to the next room. Get the health and go down the hallway for a cutscene.
  9. Pick up the ammo and armor along the wall. You can also find some rocket and other ammo in the portable behind you. Go forward and kill the attacking aliens (ammo and minigun armor in the portable to the left).
  10. Turn right at the dead end and kill group off aliens. More aliens to kill as you proceed forward, and make sure to get the two Dark Brides up in the sky. Get any ammo and armor you can, then head trough the open gate on right.
  11. Kill the aliens, get the ammo and armor, then kill the Cyclopses coming through the doorway on the right. Head through, kill the group of aliens, go up the stairs and go left.
  12. Head down the short hallway, turn right and kill the lone alien. Turn around and go through the open gate, down the steps. Turn left and kill the huge group of aliens. As you go further down, kill the three Dark Brides that appear.
  13. Head up the slope and drop down to the area on the other side. Pick up the supplies and go forward. Duck the bowling balls and kill the skeletal and creepy crawly aliens. Keep going forward and get the key inside the portable behind the temple.
  14. Turn back around and go left through the gate. Pick up the armor and ammo, cross the street and kill the aliens. Grab some C4 behind the building and go diagonally to the right toward the glowing pick item.
  15. Pick up the health and the gas canister. Continue going forward and take the canister to a flashing pink park and the end of this area. You’ll then have to find seven more flashing pink canisters in this area bring them all back to the car. They are all out in the open, so they won’t be hard to find.

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