Serious Sam 3: BFE Walkthrough

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The Guardian of Time

  1. Turn around and head for the huge opening in the cave. Pick up all of the supplies, including a canon! When you see the next group of supplies, kill the attacking aliens around the turn.
  2. As you make your way further down, you’ll get to an opening with a ton of guys. Enjoy! Once you take most of them out, you can find more supplies over to the right. Once you get them, head down the next pathway on the left and take out more aliens.
  3. Once you get to the next turn, pick up all of the supplies in front of the rock and continue down the path to kill the next wave of enemies. Once you get to the next area of supplies, it will be a skeletal alien swarm (and more of those bowling balls). You are better off back up and firing the whole time to avoid being overwhelmed.
  4. Go right at the fork and kill the two big aliens out in the open area. Head down to the area with the pillars and load up on more supplies. Once you do, pull out your Rocket Launcher and take out two helicopters that will appear overhead.
  5. Still using the roof area as cover, you’ll then have to take out several Dark Brides. Continue going forward, kill a few more Dark Brides, then take the next wave of aliens coming around the large rock up ahead.
  6. Go around the rock, get the supplies and kill the aliens to the right. Head down the path and kill the next wave of enemies. Go right at the next fork for supplies, then go back around to the left.
  7. As you get closer to the holes in the huge rock wall, a bunch of those fat aliens will appear and you will come under siege by rockets. Use your Rocket Launcher to take them out, then kill the wave of creepy crawler aliens.
  8. Go right down the path, kill more creepy crawlers and pick up all of the supplies near the rocks along the way. You’ll then have to go up against three of those goliath aliens. Pull out that cannon and put it to good use!
  9. There will then be a wave of skeletal aliens and a bunch of those ram-like aliens once you get to the opening of the next area. If you are tired of fighting, sprint in between them to get to the open area for a cutscene.
  10. Following the scene, turn around and go right in through the doorway for some health, supplies and a…jet pack! If you need more cannon balls, the will be over in the area to the left, as well as armor and some health, which you will definitely need. You will also need to pick up a pipe from the pile of them on the other side of the columns
  11. This guy is huge, but he’s slow and his only form of offense is firing rounds of missiles and fireballs. Use the jet pack to get around and avoid fighting with the other aliens. As hard as it may seem, try to get in behind this guy—that way you’ll have more time to shoot on him without having to worry about taking any hits.
  12. The cannon gun is the way to go. Eventually, he will move over to the open desert area and that huge sand monster that you’ve seen the whole game will pop up and grab him. This is when you need to get behind him. Once you get close enough to his back, you’ll see a highlighted area where you need to throw the pipe. After you do, quickly switch to your cannon and unload on him.
  13. You’ll then have to go get another pole and hop around for a bit until the sand monster pops up from the ground to distract the alien boss. When it does, chuck another pipe in its back and fire off cannon balls. Depending on how quick you are, you might have to repeat this process at least one more time to defeat it and complete the game.

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