Serious Sam 3: BFE Walkthrough

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Summer in Cairo

  1. Exit through the doorway and turn left. Press A to grapple the cyclops, then hit Lt to rip his eye out. Head around the backside of the building, go through the doorway and pick up the sledgehammer in the locker.
  2. Use it to break through the boards blocking the doorway to the right, then head downstairs. Exit the building, go left and kill the attacking Cyclops. Proceed forward and turn right down the next street.
  3. Turn right down the alley and pick up the health. Kill the cyclops that will burst through the wall on the left. Head through, turn left down the next street and kill the attacking Cyclops. Head down to the dead end where you will have to kill a few more Cyclopes.
  4. Turn right through the opening in the wall. Kill the attacking Cyclops and pick up the health in the room. Go left and head through the break in the wall. There will be a ton of health in this area, so pick it up before going left and getting back to the street.
  5. Follow the street around and kill the alien. Continue down the street where an alien spaceship will appear. After it flies overhead, turn right toward the huge building that has been destroyed. Grab the armor in the open garage door on the left, then turn around and kill all of the aliens that will appear.
  6. Head through the break in the wall, pick up the health near the open garage door, then go left down the alley. Pick up the Colt and the health next to the fallen solider. Kill the attacking alien as you head through the archway.
  7. Turn right and kill the slew of aliens down the street (the sledgehammer works betters on the Cyclopses). Continue down the street where another grip of aliens will come running at you from under the opening on the building to the left.
  8. Head through that opening and pick up the armor on the car to the left. Pick up the health over to the left, then head down the alley. Be careful! As soon as you start to head up that hill, a ton of those aliens that look like they have boxing gloves for hands will come right at you. Use you Colt as you back up to take them out.
  9. Head up over the hill, then down through the opening in the wall on the left. Cut through the area where the helicopter crashed, pick up some health and armor and kill the next swarm of attacking enemies. After the purple guys, it will be the aliens with the bowling bowl hands.
  10. Proceed forward and head for the entrance to the museum. Pick up the health and the ammo on the back side of the wall. Go right and pick up more ammo and health on the corner of the steps. Continue around to the back of the museum.
  11. Shoot the skeleton aliens that will jump from the windows of the museum. After you kill them all, head for the right corner, go through the gate and through the door.

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