Serious Sam 3: BFE Walkthrough

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Into the Spider’s Nest

  1. Walk up the stairs and grab the health on the shelf. Go right and get the armor from the alcove on the left. Continue down the path and turn left at the next hallway.
  2. Go up the stairs, pick up the armor to the right and the health just across the way. Head through the metal detectors and go up the stairs to the next room. Melee the attacking aliens that will pop up out of the ground.
  3. Walk past the huge statue and through the doorway into the next room. Grab the health on the shelf to the right and the armor in the left corner of the room. Go through the doorway on the left where there will be more aliens popping up out of the ground with their annoying green mist, but there will be a ton of health.
  4. Turn right into the dark hallway with all of the windows. Go left, kill more of those aliens crawling along the ceiling and pick up the health at the end of the hallway. Head up the stairs. Grab the armor on the boxes to the right, then head down the hallway.
  5. More green mist-shooting aliens—don’t let them get too close to you or they will latch on. Turn left at the railing and walk all the way around to the doorway on the other side.
  6. Go around to the right, kill the alien, then head right through the next opening. Go right again and make another right through the next opening. Turn left (you should be walking past the big statue to the right) and turn left through the doorway.
  7. Head down the hallway, go right, kill the alien on the ceiling and turn down the stairs. Pick up a ton of armor on the table to the right, then turn down the next set of stairs. Flip on your light and grab all of the health on the table at the bottom.
  8. Turn right through the doorway and pick up more health if you need it. Follow the path around for a cutscene.
  9. Head down the dark hallway, turn left, pull out the sledgehammer and mash the attacking cyclops. Follow the path around, kill the Cyclops at the fork, grab the health to the right, then head left.
  10. Make another two lefts and make sure to pick up the shotgun on the floor. Turn right down the next hallway and use the shotgun to kill the attacking Cyclopses. Watch your back, because around nearly every turn you’ll have another Cyclops coming behind you.
  11. Continue to follow the green signs. After you go up the steps, pick up the health an armor on the shelf, then head through the next doorway. Kill all of the alien soldiers as you head down the hallway.
  12. Once you reach the stairs, pick up the armor to the left, then kill the attacking aliens as you walk up the stairs. Grab the health to the right, then kill all of the aliens down the long hallway.
  13. Pick up the health and ammo on the table at the end, then head into the next room on the right. Kill the two aliens in the doorway, then take out the rest of the aliens in this room. Grab all the armor and health and then clear out the next room.
  14. Head into the next room and pick up the armor and health before heading up the rubble. Drop down into the next room and…oh crap! This guy is huge! Make sure you use your shotgun and use the rubble as cover when you can.
  15. Aim for the head and keep moving around the perimeter to find more health when you need it. After you finish him, get the rest of the health in the room. Pull out your sledgehammer and take out the Cyclopes that break through the wall. Head through the hole in the wall.

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