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Broken Wings

  1. Go forward and turn left between the passage between the two buildings. Continue forward on the left and turn right between the open gates. Kill the alien, go right and head through the break in the wall.
  2. Go forward and kill the two aliens next to the wall. Turn left and kill the other aliens behind the old cars. Turn left, then go right under the archway and kill the alien. Turn right, kill the aliens and go forward.
  3. Pick up the health, armor and ammo in the garage, then continue forward. Head through the break in the wall, turn left and kill the three aliens. Continue down the street, but be prepared for the group of Cyclopses that will come jumping over the freeway.
  4. After you kill them all, you can fight some health up in the rubble to the right. Continue under the freeway, turn left, kill the alines that will hop over the wall and pick up the ammo.
  5. You’ll then have to defeat one of those huge guys that was a boss before. Use the blue dumpster in the median as cover and take shots at him from afar to avoid taking any damage.
  6. Go right at the end of the street. Pick up the ammo around the corner. Continue down the road and turn right between the two buildings. Shoot the alien up on the freeway, then head under it, picking up the armor and health along the way.
  7. Kill the group of aliens that come running down the path across the way. Around the building to the right will be more ammo and you can find some health in the garage to the right.
  8. Head down the path where you just killed the group of aliens. Pick up the ammo in the garages before crossing under the freeway. Kill the aliens and head into the open garage with the gate on the other side.
  9. Turn right and head up the stairs. At the break in the stairs, turn left through the doorway. Pick up the health and ammo and turn right through the doorway leading back outside.
  10. Drop down off the ledge and sprint across to take cover behind the blue overhang. You’ll have to kill another one of those big scorpion aliens, so use your shotgun to take it out. Continue down the road, kill the two attacking Cyclopses and turn right through the archway.
  11. Kill all of the enemies in this area. Go left after you cross under the archway, then go left through the break in the wall. Kill the aliens around the corner and pick up all the health in the garage to the left.
  12. Turn left under the next archway, but watch out for bowling balls! Use the wall as cover and take out the bowling ball dudes and the skeletal demon aliens. Turn right into the alcove for the armor, then continue down the path.
  13. Head all the way down to the wall and turn right under the building. Kill the alien and head under the next building. Head under the archway of the next building where there will be another large scorpion alien. Back up under the archway and kill him from there because he won’t be able to fit through.
  14. Head through again, search the garages for health, ammo and armor, then go right and kill another scorpion alien around the corner to the left. Get the armor in the room to the left before heading up the palace steps.
  15. You’ll have to start backing up, though, because a ton of those skeletal demon things will come running at you. After you kill them, head through, grab all of the good on the right, then head through the next archway.
  16. Kill the aliens in the right corner, and then get ready for a fight with a ton of enemies coming around the corner to the left. After you kill them all, head all the way down, grab the armor and ammo in the corner, then turn left.
  17. Pick up the health on the stacks of crates, then kill the aliens as you dodge those bowling balls. Take them out, then get ready for another grip of aliens around the next corner.
  18. You’ll then have to kill a huge alien ram. It’s only offense is that it will charge you, so do you best to get out its way when it does and shotgun it to death. After you kill it, take out the skeletal aliens, then get the health and ammo next to the container.
  19. Turn back around and go right through the doorway. Pick up the ammo, cross over to the center structure and kill the aliens inside. Grab the goods, then kill the attacking aliens who will be coming for you.
  20. You’ll then have to kill every single alien. There will be several waves—take them all out and the game will cut to a scene.
  21. Boss time! If your health happens to be below 50 here, you’ll be screwed. Just one missile blast from this guy is enough to kill you. The best way to defeat him to run around him in a circle while continuing to fire your shotgun. Make sure you keep moving, though, otherwise, he’ll nail you. Kill to complete the mission.

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