Serious Sam 3: BFE Walkthrough

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Under the Iron Cloud

  1. Yikes! Pull your rifle out and shoot the crap out of that winged creature! Grab the ammo behind you, then head up the street. Take out more of those winged aliens and a cyclops as you head down the street.
  2. Use you sledgehammer to break through the boarded up door to the right to reveal a ton of health, ammo and armor. Continue down the street and kill the assortment of aliens.
  3. Once you reach the stairs, grab the ammo under the stairs to the right, then continue down street and kill another swarm of aliens. Head for the building across the street and turn left. Take out the spider-like alien climbing down the wall, then hit the switch on the wall in front of the broken car to turn off the turret. Head under the freeway for a short scene.
  4. You now have C4! Grab the ammo, then jump up the collapsed part of the freeway and turn left. Pick up the ammo and health and kill the attacking Cyclopses. Drop down once you reach the ledge and kill the skeletal alien.
  5. Pick up all the ammo near the sand bags, then kill the big scorpion alien and one of its smaller babies. More of those smaller ones and some Cyclopses to follow.
  6. At where the sand bags were, turn right through the alley and go through the hole in the wall for some ammo and health. Continue forward to the street. Turn left and kill the swarm of attacking skeletal aliens.
  7. When you get to the next cross street (the demolished building on the left), pick up the health on the table and the armor. Continue straight down the street, turn left and the next street and kill the big scorpion alien.
  8. Head down the road, pick up all of the surrounding health and armor and head down the sloped road going under the freeway (make sure to pick up all of the ammo and armor here).
  9. But quickly pull out your Rocket Launcher and watch out for dual-chain bowling balls! Take out the attacking aliens and proceed forward. Take out the scorpion alien, then kill the two aliens hiding behind the cars across the way.
  10. Turn right and pick up the armor and ammo along the way. Kill the wave of attacking aliens. Once you get to the end of that long road, turn left and kill the big scorpion down the street. Make sure to grab the grip of ammo and health over to the left!
  11. Continue down that road till it dead ends. Kill the aliens and turn right down the street. Kill another big scorpion guy, grab the ammo and armor to the left and continue down the street.
  12. After you kill the aliens crawling down the building to the left, head up the slope to the left for armor, ammo, ect. Go through the hole in the wall to the next open area.
  13. Pick up all of the ammo on the concrete slab just up ahead, then kill all of those attacking winged aliens. As you head for the pyramids off in the distance, you’ll have to kill another huge wave of flying aliens.
  14. Eventually, a huge alien spaceship will appear overhead. Pull out your Rocket Launcher and aim it at the blue orbs firing at the lasers to the ground. Unfortunately while you’re doing this, you’ll have to kill off a ton of aliens. It will take quite a long time, but just keep firing at the blue lights to take it down and complete the mission.

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