Serious Sam 3: BFE Walkthrough

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The Silent Riddler

  1. Head through the old brick huts toward the pyramid. As soon as you see the trees in the distance, kill the attacking aliens. Once you get to the next area of buildings, look around for ammo and armor and kill any attacking enemies.
  2. Once you get through the next section of buildings, go through the palm trees. As soon as you walk through the gate, kill the aliens that appear, then follow the path around to the right.
  3. Enter the small building along the wall for a bunch of ammo and health (and a keycard). Exit and kill the huge group of enemies across the way. You can then use the keycard to enter the fenced off area for health and armor.
  4. Exit and turn left toward the doorway in the big brick wall in front of the pyramids. Kill the aliens that come pouring out of it. Head through and pick up the health and armor inside.
  5. Exit, turn left and head through the gray doors. Pick up all of the armor and kill the aliens that will come running at you around the turn. Once you get around the wall, head through the space between the two walls and pick up the ammo and armor. Kill the attacking aliens, then turn down the next long path.
  6. Pick up the armor and ammo at the end, then turn back around and head through the doors. Head through, pick up the health and kill the crawling aliens. Head down the next path, but watch out for the huge scorpion around the turn.
  7. Kill the next scorpion around the next turn and pick up the ammo and armor along the way. Kill the plethora of aliens that will come attacking at all sides. Next, head to the left side of the Sphinx and plant two C4 charges on the highlighted areas, then three more on the other side
  8. Following the short cutscene, head up the slope created on the right side of the Sphinx. Drop down the hole and head through the tunnel. Once you get to the dark room, walk over the square space on the ground.
  9. After you walk over it, look left and pull the lever on the wall. This will activate another pillar. After it shoots up, pull on the lever again go stand on the first pill after it lowers to the ground. As it takes you up, jump over to the next pillar, which will then take you up.
  10. Head through the tunnel. Pull the lever on the wall across from you, then quickly turn around and head back into the tiny alcove to avoid getting crushed. Walk up the stairs and head through the next tunnel. Drop down at the ledge and go left through the doorway.
  11. Walk down the path and grab the cool bracelet off the mummy in the chair. Head back through the doorway, turn left and use the bracelet to open the door with the cool pattern at the end of the hallway. Head onto the platform with the lights for a short cutscene.
  12. Head for the next cool-looking door and go through after it opens. Kill the alien in the corner, then head through the next doorway. Kill the aliens in the next room, then head through the doorway in the left corner to lead you back outside.
  13. Grab the goods in front of the stack of rocks, then go left toward the pyramid. Kill the attacking aliens. Kill all of the aliens here (there will be a ton) to complete the mission.

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