Serious Sam 3: BFE Walkthrough

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Unearthing the Sun

  1. Head through the pillars and pick up all of the items around the little statue of the Sphinx. Pick up the other goods around the pillars as you move forward, then take out the fat guy who will be firing missiles toward you.
  2. Once you’ve killed him and all of the other aliens, head around the large wall where there will be more fat aliens (among others) that you’ll have to kill (stay to the right to avoid getting hit by falling pillars).
  3. Head for the temple between the two large pointy pillars. If you can from afar, take out the alien that will be unloading on you from on top of the roof. Kill the rest of the aliens, head through the doorway, pick up the goods to the left and head through the next doorway.
  4. Proceed forward past all of the columns and down into another underground tomb. Head through the cave in the back left corner. After you turn down the narrow path, drop off to the left and turn right through the opening in the corner.
  5. After the turn, go left through the opening and kill the alien that appears. Kill the alines that will be crawling around the walls in the room with the pillars. Head through the next doorway and follow the path around.
  6. Go left up the stairs for some health and armor, then continue on the path. Kill the aliens in this next room with pillars and head through it. Turn left at the end of it down the path, then go right and up the slope.
  7. Jump through the hole in the wall, then go right down the path. Kill the two aliens climbing around on the pillars. Turn left, then go left again through the doorway. Jump through the hole in the wall, kill the alien to the left, then go right through the doorway.
  8. Head up the stairs and kill the aliens in the room. Go up the slope to take you back outside. Pick up the Devastator to the left, then use it to take out the fat alien up ahead. Take out the attacking skeletal aliens and proceed forward.
  9. More of those annoying monkey aliens to take out here. Don’t waste your time killing all of them—just get through the pillars to the next area. Kill the fat alien around the wall to the right.
  10. Kill the other aliens and head through the doorway. Make a quick left and pick up the ammo and health. Exit out back through the doorway, turn left, go down the path and kill the aliens coming down the wall.
  11. Turn left through the next doorway. Turn left through the break in the wall and kill the fat alien. Pick up the armor on the left and rag the supplies under the structure to the right before walk around it to the right.
  12. Turn left through the doorway to the next area. Kill all of the aliens coming out of the temple, then head through the gate in the temple for a cutscene.
  13. Walk around the hole in the ground and head through the doorway. Pick up all of the supplies by the Pharaoh and head through the next doorway. Turn left through the next and head out.
  14. Before you get to the building diagonally across from you, turn right through the last two Sphinx statues. Go straight and enter the portable to pick up some ammo and a Temple card pass.
  15. Exit the portable, turn right and head inside the temple. Use the card to open the gate, then pick up the ammo and armor and use your bracelet to move the Sphinx statue. Grab the Sirian artifact and exit the temple.
  16. Kill all of the attacking skeletal aliens and head for the pillars. Use the card to open the door in the temple on the left. Grab the goods and get your second artifact. Exit and turn left through the pillars toward the palm trees.
  17. Kill the huge alien and head around the wall. Open the gate, pick up the goods and get your third artifact. Exit, go straight to the dead end and turn right. Pick up the health and armor and turn left into the temple. Pick up the supplies and get the fourth and final artifact.
  18. Exit back out to the main area and kill the grip of aliens that will be coming toward you from the pillars. Head back to where you started (where you passed over the hole in the ground) and head inside the whole.
  19. Go down the hallway, head through the cool-looking door and onto the platform. Head down the walkway and through another cool-looking door. Head through yet another door for a short cutscene.
  20. Turn around and head all the way back to the platform. Once it takes you up, exit the hole, walk around and jump up on the fallen pillar. Get up to the wall and hop over to the other side.
  21. Boss time! This guy is big, but he doesn’t have a lot of moves. Unload on him from afar with rockets, but watch out for falling pillars. He’ll also hit you with a blast of fire balls, so be leery. He’ll move slow, so taking him down shouldn’t be too hard.
  22. After you kill him, go left through the pillars and then through the gate. Go straight and head through the doorway to complete the mission.

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